HOW TO: Simple Beaded Pendant (Beading step by step tutorial for beginners)

Hello MEOW friends! My name is Agata, but you can know me as Qrkoko. And this is my second tutorial in english, because in the last one with “loom beading” you send me some much love in the comments and private message! so I just think that I can make another one. If you want to see my previous tutorial in english you can click right here. Just click! And in this area you can click the “subtitles button”. So when you click there, you will see the subtitles. It’s actually logical. So in this lesson, in this tutorial we’ll learn next thing from the beading. And is acually a really simple thing that you can use as earrings, necklaces or anything you want. Just before we’re going to the materials you can hit a SUBSCRIBE button and give me a really “big subscribe”. And yeah… that’s all. So we can go to the materials. Let’s go! If you want to make something like this you need two kinds of beads. The first one is actually Fire Polished size 4mm, you can use any kind of crystals you want, but I think that fire polished is the best. You’ll need 27 of those. And the second one is a seed beads, I’ll using size 11/0 from TOHO. And you need a few of them. I don’t count how many, just “few”. You don’t need to count. I’ll using two colors, it’s easier to me to teach you in two colors, but you can use one. Also you need bead thread or something like this to sew with it. And I’ll using “żyłka”. It’s polish word for clear cord. Yeah… I check this. It’s “clear cord” or just “beading thread”. Something like this in size 0,20 mm. And of course you will need some needles. It’s easier to weaving with beading needles. And mine is from BeadSmith in size 12 So let’s start! I have some thread on my needle. And in the first row we need 9 FP beads separated with TOHO beads. So I have 9 FP, and between each one I have one seed bead. So now in my left hand I have end of my thread, and in my right hand I have thread where my needle is. This is end and this is beginning So now I’ll sew them one more time in round. And I sew through every beads again. When I reach the end I’ll have something like this beautiful circle. And now I just make one or two knots to secure the ends. This step is really important because needle with thread must be in the TOHO bead. So if you are in the FP just sew through another bead. You need to have something like this. Now the thread is in this bead. The second row is really easy. We need to put 5 toho beads and sew through next seed bead. I’ll using different color: I’ll put 2 gray, 1 dark and 2 gray. But you can use just 5 in one color. My sequence of beads look like this. It’s 5 beads: 2 gray, 1 dark and 2 gray again. And I need to sew them into next seed bead. And I sew only seed bead. It’s supposed to look like this And I just turn my work and again pick 5 more beads and sew through next seed bead. And I need to make this all around till this spot. So: 5 more beads, sewing through this one bead. 5 more and you know, all around. So now I’ll sew the last 5 of them. I have thread in this bead. And I have 5 beads on my thread. And I’ll sew throuhg this one. It’s the same bead where we begining. I sew though this bead And when I have this, it’s acually look really pretty, like a star, So when I have the last 5 of my beads I need to go up to the third bead From that 5 we just added I use different color, but if you use one color, you just need to count them. If you look like this, it’s the upper one. And next row is really, really simple. We need to pick up 1 seed bead, 1 FP and 1 seed bead again. so we need to pick up beads in this sequence We are in the third bead and we need to sew into next third bead. So in my example: we’re in the dark one and we need to sew through another dark one. Like this. And we repeat that. So we have 1 seed bead, 1 FP and 1 seed bead Our thread is in this bead and we sew through this one (it’s the third one). And we need to repeat this all around. And I have my last sequence. And I just start say something in polish, because why not? So I have one sequence which is seed bead, fire polished and seed bead. And I’m in this bead – the third one. And I want to be in this bead. So I just need to sew through it. And it’s actually looks really pretty to. To begin a next row we don’t need to sew through any beads. Because we need to be in the upper one – the dark one And now we are going to pick up 5 more TOHO beads and again I’ll pick 2 gray, 1 dark and 2 gray So I have 5 seed beads and right now I’m in this dark one but I want to be in this dark one! But I need to ignore the row that we’re sewing last time. So I’m here but I want to be right here. So I sew through them. To make something like this. And I pick another 5 beads And once again: I’m in this bead but I want to be in this bead, this darker one. So I sew through this darker one. Like this. And we need to repeat this all around. So now I need to sew the last seed beads. So again I have 5 of them and I’m in this dark one bead but I want to be in this dark one. So I need just to sew through this. And this row looks just like a crown! And is really pretty too. And now, when we have this, we need to make last one row. And we are in this dark bead, but we need to be in this dark one. The third bead, when we see the 5 of them We need to count: 1, 2, 3. And mine is the dark one, and we need to sew through the all of them just to be in the upper one And this row is really, really simple, because we need to pick up 1 FP bead and when we are in this dark one, we need to sew through the next dark one through the next third bead we just sew To make something like this We need to pull our thread really hard and repeat So now we are in this dark bead, but we want to be in the next dark bead. and we need to repeat this all around So now I’m going to sew the last FP. And now I’m in this bead, but I want to be in this one. So I just sew through this bead. It’s actually the final look but I want to sew through last beads one more time, just to be sure to secure my thread. And to be sure that my work is not to loose. So I just sew through all beads, all the seed beads and the all FP from the last row. And when I have this I sew through the beads to go up It’s no matter which kind of beads you’re going to sew. It’s really important to remember that you need to sew the way that the thread is invisible, so you need to hide the thread in the beads. Like this. And now I’m going to sew down just to go to the loose end The tail of my thread When the ends of my thread meets – I tie a two little knots. And hide them in the beads. So I just sew through the few of the beads. Now I can cut the thread out And this is the final look. It’s really easy to sew. And it’s look really beautiful. If you want to make smaller one You can use smaller beads: this is FP size 3mm and seed beads size 15/0 or you can use 5 or 7 FP in the beginning, not 9. Good work everybody! I’m so proud of you! It’s look really pretty. You can use them in earrings, you can just sew a lot of them and make necklace. You can use this kind of stuff in lots of projects As you can see, this kind of beaded pendants it’s really easy to sew And it’s really, really pretty and you can use any kind of crystals and seed beads you have and it’s a nice thing to do. If you want more tutorials in english just subscribe this channel and of course you can give me a big thumbs up “thumbs” is funny word. In polish it means “kciuki”. So give me a big kciuki. And we’re going to learn something more You can choose from beading, jewelry making or crochet just write me in the comment what do you want to learn with me in english, because in this channel I have much more tutorials in polish so if you can speak or talk in polish you can just look what I have there. Oh my god, I just sound like a robot I know that. And lots of you write me where are you from, so if you’re new here write me in the comment section from which country you are because I’m from Poland and I’m really curious to know where are my beads friends live Yeah, like a robot… really pretty robot So see you next time! Bye my MEOW friends!

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