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How to Put on a Bracelet with One Hand – Put on a Bracelet By Yourself

How to Put on a Bracelet with One Hand – Put on a Bracelet By Yourself

Hey there! Jessica here from I’ve just got a quick short video for you today. I got a question from a student which is how
to put on a bracelet that has a lobster claw clasp on with only one hand. So that can be kind of tricky! I just want
to mention a couple of things – first you kind of need to have some fingernails so that
you can open the lobster claw clasp and hold it open while you do this, and the other thing is that your bracelet
is long enough. So if you like to wear your bracelets really
tight against your wrist, you might not have enough room to make this work so this is going
to be a little tricky if that’s the case. You might just need to get somebody to help
you 🙂 So, you’re going to open the that lobster
claw clasp and you want to get it in a position where you can hold it open this whole time. And then you’re going to hold the bracelet
against your body so it’s hanging down, put your wrist in front of it and pin the bracelet
against your body so it doesn’t move and make sure you’ve got a couple of inches
hanging down below your wrist. Then you just kind of lean over and let your
wrist roll if you need to and scoop up that loop with your open lobster clasp. So, it’s not that hard – the hardest part
honestly, is keeping the lobster claw clasp open while you do this. So it might take a little bit of practice
but as you can see it’s really not that difficult. I hope that helps and thank you for your question,
Carmela and thank you for being a student! So thanks to everyone else for watching and
I’ll see you guys soon! Bye 🙂

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  1. This is the way I've always put on my bracelets that have clasps, except I let the o-ring dangle over my wrist from the top. 🙂

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