How to Pick Accessories For Modeling : How to Pick Anklets for Modeling

Hi. I’m Lauren Von Lehe and on behalf of the
Expert Village, we’re going to be talking a little bit about anklets. When it comes
to anklets, there’s a little of crossover between what is actually an anklet and a bracelet
for your wrist. As seen in our example before, this was the bracelet that, one of the bracelets
that we had featured. This, as long as your ankle is small enough to fit in it, would
work well as an anklet as well as even this one here. A few times I’ve even taken a chain
necklace such as the chain on this one and it was supposed to be a choker and wrapped
it around twice around my ankle and used that as an anklet as well. Play around with it.
Push the boundaries a little bit and you might come on to something that is all your own.
Join us in the next segment and we’re going to be talking about scarves.

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