How to Make the Rudolph Earrings by Fusion Beads

– [Cody] Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. I’m excited to show you how to make our cute Rudolph earrings. These earrings feature three millimeter light Siam Swarovski crystal round beads, an eight millimeter light Colorado topaz Swarovski crystal bicone bead, has a sterling silver antler
bead cap by Amoracast. I have a silver-filled French ear wire and it’s all strung up on a 24 gage, three-inch silver-filled head pin. For my tools, I’m using the Lindstrom Ergonomic Long Chain Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, and then I have my Tronex Ergonomic Razor Flush Cutters. You can find links to all
these beads and supplies in the description below,
so let’s get started. Okay, so to begin, you
pick up your head pin and your 3 millimeter
round and your 8 millimeter bicone, and then you pick up your antlers, side that down. You want to make sure all
your beads and everything are all the way down at the
bottom of your head pin. Grab your Chain Nose Pliers … and this is why I went with the long ones because it gives you a
little bit more room to get in between those antlers. And then you bend it 90 degree bend and then you grab your Round Nose and make a little loop. So you bend it, rotate
your pliers and then you kind of rotate the antlers a little bit to give you a little bit more room and finish making that loop. This is where it gets a
little bit trickier here to try to wrap it. So you want to take your Long Chain Nose and grab … the end of your loop from the top instead of the side like you normally would hold onto it. And then grab … I always like to use my Round Nose to help wrap
and you’ll just wrap down. And you’ll let the antlers
spin as your wrapping, and that way you can wrap all the way down to the base of the bead. And once it gets tight, kind of feel like you can stop there. Take your cutters and
you do a nice flush cut as close as possible to the wraps. Then you take your Chain
Nose and you try to tuck that tail in, which it can be hard because it’s pretty tight in there. Even sometimes if you kind of go around the antlers a little bit. And sometimes your little
loop might get a little wonky because of the way
you were holding onto it, but that’s okay, you can
just use your Chain Nose and bend it back into place. So I’ve got my little reindeer there and I just grab a ear-wire … and I open up the loop … and I slide him on and then close it, and then I’m good to go for the holidays. You can find the products
and tools for this inspiration design at (upbeat music)

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