How to Make the Calypso Wire Spiral Earrings

Hi! This Julie with and I’m going to show you how to make this earring and I wanted to create a project that used to
wire in a fun way that wasn’t too complicated. It’ll be an easy introduction
to wire if you’re not too familiar with working with it but a really pretty design will result.
You’re going to need some wire. For this particular project
I’ve chosen this silver plated fancy square german style wire. It has a really
pretty texture design to it already so the wire itself is gonna add a lot to
the design and then I have a coin shaped Purple Crazy Lace Agate bead. It’s got a hole through the middle and a sliver plated earring hook In terms of the tools, you need a pair of flush
cutters a round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and a ruler and that’s it so to make this project take your wire cut seven-and-a-half inches if you want your spirals to be a little
larger cut a little more, if you want it to be a little
smaller cut as much as you want just going to make that snip now we’re gonna go ahead and thread
the wire through the hole in the bead scoot it down to about the midway
point doesn’t have to be exactly perfect but
you want it pretty much in the middle once you’ve done that, take one of the wires and fold it over the top arch of your bead and then do the the same thing with the
other one now where they criss cross in the middle you’re going to twist one twist now we need to create our spiral to do that go ahead and using your round nose pliers we’re gonna grab the tip of the
wire you’re going to make a loop continue making a spiral just like so grab it with you chain nose and flatten it out if
it got a little bit wonky now we’re going to take our chain nose just literally coil the wire just kind of walking this circle along the edge of the wire, just spiraling do that until you can’t do it anymore and now we’re gonna go ahead and do that
on the other side switch back to the round nose again make a spiral and go a little bit beyond one full
spiral so we have a little curly q there grab it with the chain nose and keep spiraling you’ve got your two spirals now all we have to do is attach the hook which is super easy. Open the loop at the base of the hook the same
way you would open a jump ring put that between one of our rungs of our spiral, in the top one we’re just going to close that loop back
up we’ve got our really fun pair of earrings which showcases a lovely gemstone bead and has a fun
spiraled motif. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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