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How to make Pendants from your leftover Art Stone mixture

How to make Pendants from your leftover Art Stone mixture

Hi Everyone! Its Anjela from here
from Happy Dotting Company. Recently I’ve been making these little pendants here and
I’ve been videoing along the way, so I thought I’d share with you how I’m doing
it. It’s basically using you know if you have any leftover ultracal 30 from
making the Art stones. You’ll see in the video that how I make that little sort
of loop there in order to put a jump hoop through is done with a particular
little, sorry little little sort of thing that you actually make earrings out of.
But I just wanted to add to that that it doesn’t have to be that little thing in
fact you could even use a little safety pin like this as long as you get that
little loop there so that you can put the jump hoop through or something like
this. This is a little thing that you would use to make an earring with and in
fact I’ve got one here – excuse me – I’ve got one here which has actually got the
end of an earring, as you can see I’ve painted one side and not the other so
this is actually made with one of these. So anyway I hope you like it
I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! And I hope you might like to try it after you
watch this video. So please join us! I just wanted to show you what I’m doing
with these some leftover ultracal that I’ve mixed up here. I’ve poured some
molds and I have a little bit left over, so what you can see in my dish here are
called tri-drops and their to make earrings. So I’ve just laid them in a
little paint palette here and I’m just going to pour a little bit of the
ultracal in here so I’m doing this one-handed so just try and not spill it
here. Oh no it’s fallen in! I’ll get that out in a
minute Okay so you can’t do that one-handed! What I’m
trying to do is just leave this little ring out so that these can basically
become pendants. I’ll show you those when they’re set. So these are the little pendants that I
was showing what to make with the leftover ultracal 30 and it’s been a
couple of hours now so I was just going to flip these over and see how they
turned out. I might see if I can just pull one up. There we go! So they look pretty good. I’ll let them dry a little bit more now they’re out. I’m taking a little bit of ultracal 30 off there while it’s not set hard. Might need two hands for that!
Anyway I’ll just let these dry out a little bit more and then I’ll probably
just give that a light sand just around the edge there but it’s really not too
bad, and paint it up and see how it looks! So I hope you enjoyed that – thank you for
watching! You know I’ve always got new things
that I’m trying out that I’d like to share with you so please subscribe – bye!

39 thoughts on “How to make Pendants from your leftover Art Stone mixture”

  1. Awesome! Thank you for another fantabulous video! I can’t wait to try …. thanks for sending out the beautiful heart molds… I ran out of the Ultracal so have to get more. I made several dozen of mold 1 and 2 already. Be well!

  2. That is awesome Thankyou so kindly I've got the little paint things I git from the dollar tree ! I will use those ty

  3. C'est une super idée ! Merci de nous la partager. Quels peinture utilisez vous ? Elle est très lumineuse ! Merci beaucoup !

  4. That is brilliant! I hated having to throw out my leftovers and since I also make jewelry this is right up my alley!!! You know I bet if you also sold tiny molds for these folks would buy them. I know I would. 😀 These would make great game pieces as well.
    Anjela, how long should we let these cure before base coating?

  5. You are so fun to watch. Thank you for showing this wonderful technique. I’m going to your Etsy store to buy.

  6. Absolutely brilliant idea!! I'll be giving that a try now!! So much easier!! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks with us!! 💜

  7. Hi good morning !! I bought your silicone shapes and loved it, but I haven't used it yet. I wonder if you use pure cement? As I live in Brazil the material we have here is different. If you can help me I thank you. thank you very much Flavia

  8. Love this idea, never done dot painting before but like to try, do you have to let each colour dry before adding another colour, thank you

  9. This is awesome Anjela! Love this idea very much! I’m in Canada and use Quikrete fast acting concrete mix. Just curious if there are any warnings of using this mixture and wearing it so close to the skin? Has anyone ever posted back to you regarding that? Thank you Anjela! 🙂

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