How to Make Pearl Earrings in 3 Minutes. DIY Craft Ideas.

Hello to everyone, in this video I will show you three simple ways of assembling earrings with white pearls. For the first option we need, a pair of earring fixtures, two pearls, two pins with a hats and round pliers. Put a pin on a pearl. Bend the pin sightly and twist the loop. In all the variations I will use pearls 1 cm in diameter and pins with hat a 1.5 cm long I have made the second loop in the same way on the second pearl and just pass into the open loop of the earring fixture. After that, the loop should be closed with pliers. For the second option we need pearls in different sizes we use them with diameters: 10, 8 and 5 mm and pins with loops 2.5 cm in length. Put a small pearl on the first pin, cut off excess after measuring 8 mm Bend the pin and without closing the loop string the next one. In the end, I add a large pearl with a pin with hat. And of course, that our earrings could be worn, we fix the elements on the earring fixture To create a third version of the earrings we will need connecting rings, the same pearls, and sigments of chains 7 cm long. At first, pass the ring into the loop, then into the chain and close the ring. The last link of the chain put on the loop of the earring fixture and close it. A little time and we have three different earrings pairs for every day and for the evening events! Share this video, put your thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and bye bye!

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