How to Make Jewelry : How to Make Wire Jewelry Earrings

Hi, this is Debra Windsong with Expert Village.
In this segment I will show you some earrings. I usually work with a standard ear wire which
has a little loop on the bottom of it and then from there I can get creative. What I
like to do is take more wire and cut it and shape it and put beads on it from there. You
could you use your hair pins which we discussed in a previous segment and that is a piece
of wire that has a little head like on the had of a pen so you could stack your beads
on that and then bend the top to connect it to the little hoop underneath the ear wire.
The tricky part to doing beaded wiring is that you’ll want to put your beads on your
wire first after you figure out what the right sizes for those particular beads. And then
gently shape the wire with the beads on there being careful not to break some of the more
fragile gemstone beads. Another thing you can do with the ear wire is to hang down from
the bottom loops the flexible wire and you can bead that and put a bottom bead on it
and use a crimp to hold that bottom bead.

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