How to Make Hemp Necklaces : Thin Hemp Necklace Stitching Tips

Hi my name is Jessica and on be half if Expert
Village I’m going to be teaching you how to make a Hemp Necklace. Okay so now I’m going
to give you some tips on working with very thin hemp for make a hemp Necklace. There
is definitely some differences between those and the thicker hemp. The first this is that
it is going to take a lot longer to make your necklace because each stitch is so small so
if you’re making this for a friend and you have to have it by a certain date make sure
you give your self a couple of days to do it because its not going to take just the
regular two or three hours the other thing is because it’s going to take so long your
probably going to start and stop it more then once so you want to make sure that you know
how to tell which side you left off on and how to continue your stitch so if your looking
at the necklace you want to look at the know that you started with if you look at this
side it’s very flat. if you look at this side it kind of pokes out at you that’s going to
be the front of your necklace and then to determine from there your going to see which
thread is going backwards and which one is going forward. Now this is a spiral stitch
so your going to follow the little spiral around and this one is going back so that’s
the last one I did so I’m going to start with that one again because with the spiral stitch
you always do the same side. So you want to just keep that in mind if you?re doing the
very thin Hemp you?re going to have to start and stop it you want to know which side you
left off on.

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