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How to Make Hemp Necklaces : How to Determine Hemp Necklace Length

How to Make Hemp Necklaces : How to Determine Hemp Necklace Length

Hi my name is Jessica and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m going to be teaching you how to make a hemp necklace. Ok so you’re going to
need two equal length pieces of hemp for your necklace and you know depending on the size
of your hemp you’re going to need more or less. With this kind of very thin you going
to probably need like eight or nine times the length that you want your necklace to
be. So you know be aware of that and you are going to end up your going to have a lot of
hemp sitting there but it’s usually better to you know to, you know, cut off the excess
then to be stuck with a really short necklace that doesn’t fit anyone. With the medium,
the most common size, you are going to need that four or five lengths worth of hemp. If
your using something real thick probably three or four times it really makes quite a difference
on the thickness of the hemp and how much you’re going to need. So if you don’t want
to spend a lot of time making a necklace you might want to go with something thicker because
it’s not going to take as long because there’s less hemp to stitch. So just kind of decide
what kind of hemp you want to use how much time you want to spend and how much string
you want to be working with.

16 thoughts on “How to Make Hemp Necklaces : How to Determine Hemp Necklace Length”

  1. zig zaggy as in not in acircle it reverses mid way across the circle and it starts the other way and thats my main problem…it really pisses me off that i spend time working on it and it ruins the look

  2. I know you wrote this a month ago and your problem is probably already solved.

    But hemp necklaces smell better and are more flexible if you shower with them on, or put them in your jeans pocket and throw it in the washing machine.

    Of course if there are delicate beads you wouldn't wanna throw it in the washing machine.

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  4. sorry just got on here again….i buy mine at craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby…usually on sundays at michaels cause you get more discounts, or buy a piece of candy then a 40% coupon will spit out for the following week and go buy it then.

  5. ok so we're talking each one of the 4 strands should be 4-5 times the length? seriously? so lets say i was making a necklace for my dog…. and her neck is 16inches around. i would need 4 pieces of hemp each atleast 64inches long? that seems excessive no?

  6. Lol guys NEVER BUY the last hemp string only buy the first one why? because unless your friend or you have huge wrist the bracelet going to look dumb as fuck….I try making pattern with the large hemp string inside their store and ….lol yea didnt look so hot just stick with the small hemp string and if you want it big use more strings, more work but look good in the end

  7. completely unhelpful. What the hell kind of expert does not even tell you what the four or five times the length or what.

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