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How to Make Easy Low Cost Crystal Earrings. DIY Accessories Ideas.

How to Make Easy Low Cost Crystal Earrings. DIY Accessories Ideas.

Hi to everyone! At first I would like to say thanks to my subscribers and other guests for watching my tutorials. I am very glad that you write your comments under each video! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make black earrings to complete the set of accessories. Bracelet for this set was made in previous tutorial. So let`s start! Take 0.3 mm wire Cut two pieces. Each is 1 meter Fold the wires in half Add 3 mm small crystal and 1 cm crystal drop Twist small crystal 2-3 times Twist wires 10 times Do the same Add 4 mm bead Twist wires 10 times Add 6 mm crystals Fasten wires on the earring hook Add 5 seed beads Twist a few branches in a circle Twist beads to make flower in the center Cut off wires Flatten them down Apply super-glue Add seed beads Wrap the base Straighten branches Done! I think that earrings are one of the most feminine accessories and bright female jewelry! Try to do the same and you will see how it’s easy to create them by yourself! I hope you liked this video, write your thoughts in the comments Please put thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to watch all new tutorials. See you again! Bye!

61 thoughts on “How to Make Easy Low Cost Crystal Earrings. DIY Accessories Ideas.”

  1. Hi, thanks for your tutorials. I'm very new to this technique and I can't follow how to twist the beads for the flower in the circle, there the video stops and blend to often. I tried it two times and it always looks ugly.

  2. amo todos os seus trabalhos mas tenho dificuldade pela rapidez que são feitos. Mas esta de parabéns São muito lindos!

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