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How To Make Crystal Bead Cap Earrings: Easy Jewelry To Make

How To Make Crystal Bead Cap Earrings: Easy Jewelry To Make

These fun earrings are all about bead
caps and we’re going to show you how to design this playful earring using
three different kinds of bead caps. The bead caps we’re using are a very large
bead cap, a medium-sized, daisy shaped bead cap, and then a teeny tiny flower
bead cap. All three of them have a similar finish, but they have different
patterns stamped on them, in sort of different shapes a little bit. And we
like the three of them together. We think they’re fun. For this earring, what we’re
going to do is take the headpin and feed on a faceted crystal rondell. This
one has a pretty AB finish that’s that sort of oil slick, rainbow look. And it’s
seven millimeters this way by ten millimeters across. We’re going to use
our largest bead cap, feed it onto the headpin. And we tested this bead cap to
make sure that it fit our bead perfectly because for the first part of our design
we wanted this to sit on the bead just like a little hat. And you can see it’s
already looking very different. Next we’re going to take our daisy bead cap
and we’re gonna slide it on the headpin upside down so it’s facing up. And it’s
going to cup our next bead. Our next bead is a faceted round crystal. It also has that
pretty AB finish on it. It’s five millimeters in size. And this bead cap is
actually larger than a five millimeter bead cap, but we like that we like that
it doesn’t match up perfectly. It ends up looking like a little bit of a collar,
like an Elizabethan collar or something. It’s just fun and playful. Last thing
we’re going to do is place our tiniest bead cap on top so that it rests
directly on top of our five millimeter bead, like a little hat again, like this
one. And that’s our fun little design with our bead caps and our crystals. And
now we’re going to turn this into an earring to match our other earring. To do
that we’re going to make a wrapped loop. So to make a wrapped loop I’ve got round-nose pliers. I’m gonna grasp the headpin wire
right above that top bead cap. And I’m pressing up against the beads and the
headpin to make sure that there’s not a lot of wiggle room there. I’m going to
make a bend that’s 90 degrees in my wire, reposition my pliers to the top of that
bend, pull the wire around the top jaw to make a partial loop. I’m gonna take my
pliers and put the bottom jaw in that loop now and pull the wire around to
finish the loop. So there’s my loop now. I’m going to take my round-nose pliers
and grasp the loop across just to hold it tightly and then I’m going to pull
the tail around the neck of that headpin two times. And this head pin wire is
a little bit hard, so it’s got, I’ve got to give it a little elbow grease to make it happen,
but there you go. Looks good. Now I’m going to use my wire cutters and I’m
going to use the flat side of my wire cutters against my work and hold
on to the tail here with my fingers. And I’m going to cut the tail of that wire,
without cutting my work. And then I’ve got a little bit of a pointy end
sticking out there, so I’m going to use my pliers just to press that down a
little bit, like that. And now to turn this into an earring, I’m going to use an
earring wire. And this one is already open so I don’t have to open it. But if
this loop is closed you could just use your pliers to open it. I’m going to
slide it on the head pin or the earring wire just like that, so that it rests in
the little nook of the earring wire. And then I’m going to use my round-nose
pliers to close the loop. And now I have a match to my beautiful and fun little
crystal and bead cap earrings.

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