How To Make Coral Chain Tassel Earrings

[Music] To make the Coral Chain Cassel Earrings, you need six coral faceted wheel beads. These are three millimeters by seven millimeters. We’re using 13 inches of open-loop gold chain and this chain is two millimeters wide. We have 24-gauge gold wire, two gold earring wires, and for tools we have round-nose pliers, wire cutters and a ruler. Before we get started I’m going to show you what we’re setting out to make here. This is one of the Coral Chain Tassel Earrings. What we’re going to do is create this beaded component that is sort of the star of our show with our earring here by making two wrapped loops and wire with our beads on it and attaching the pieces of chain. And we’ll show you how to do that now. The first thing we want to do is cut our chain and cutting chain is interesting because you actually just cut right through one of the links of the chain. So don’t be afraid to do that. I’ll show you what I mean. I’m going to measure two inches of chain here. I’m just using the four inch mark to the six inch mark because it’s right in the center of my ruler and that makes it easy. And I’m going to take my wire cutters and kind of reach straight down onto my number six there on the ruler and I’m going to pick that up with my wire cutters and just cut right through the link that I grabbed onto. So you end up losing one of the links of chain when you cut chain, but it’s fine. This chain isn’t super expensive so don’t worry about that. So here’s a two inch length of chain and I already cut two other pieces. So you need three pieces total and they’re two inches each. So I’m going to set those aside and I’m going to make my little beaded component, but I’ve got my chain ready when I get to the end. I cut a three inch piece of wire with the wire cutters and I’m going to make a wrapped loop in one end of the wire. So I’m going to come down about an inch and a half or so on the wire and I’m grasping it with my round-nose pliers. And I’m going to bend the wire toward me ninety degrees. I’m going to reposition the pliers so that I’m kind of at the top of that bend. and I’m going to take that shorter piece of wire and push it up and over the top jaw of my pliers, but you’ll see that I can’t get all the way around because the bottom jaw is in the way so I’m going to put the bottom jaw into the loop now and then I’m going to pull that shorter piece of wire around. And that sort of finishes that loop. You’ll see I’ve got a loop there now. I’m going to grasp across the loop with my round-nose pliers and I’m going to pull the little tail around two times and what that does is it secures the loop. It makes it a wrapped loop. So now that loop is nice and secure and won’t come undone. I’m going to use my wire cutters with the flush side against my project here. See if there’s a pointy side and the flush side. The flush side will make a straight cut and I’m going to cut that little end like that so there’s my little wrapped loop. And now what I can do is feed on my beads and these beads are super fun. They’re just faceted wheel beads. You see they look like a little wheel when they’re when they’re on our wire. And we love these coral beads because they’ve got so much color going on. They sort of they have a variation in the color which we like. And this color is super trendy right now so it’s fun to make a pair of coral earrings. So there are our beads. And now I’m going to make the start of a wrapped loop at the other end of my wire and I’ll show you why I just say at the start of the wrap loop, I’m going to grasp the wire right next to the bead just like I did before but this time I’ve got the beads there I’m going to bend the wire 90 degrees toward me. I’ll reposition the pliers to the top of that bead like I did before. And I’m going to pull the wire up and over that top jaw again. You’ll see I can’t get all the way around so I’m going to reposition the pliers to the bottom of the jaw and pull the wire around. This time instead of wrapping the loop right away I’m going to feed my chain right into that little loop. And to do that this is a little bit tricky but I’m going to take my chain and I’m going to find the halfway point in my chain basically by lining up the ends. And I tend to just do it on my finger like that because I think it’s easier to let it hang like that and then I can hold on to it by those ends I know are now the two ends and then the center is up here. And I can just feed my wire right through the center and it doesn’t have to be the exact center or link in the chain. We don’t, we like the chain to hang a little bit unevenly, so it’s sort of, you’re sort of shooting for the center of the chain when you fold it, so again I’m going to fold this in half and let the two ends dangle. They’re kind of match them up I’m going to grab on to that with my thumb, just a little trick, and then take the wire and feed that through pretty close to the center though it’s like it was a little uneven but we like that. It actually gives the the tassel sort of chain tassel a lot of movement and interest if the little ends are a little off. So it’s by design. So we’ll do it with our third piece of chain, same thing. Line up my little ends then grab onto, it take my piece of wire and feed it through what’s close to the middle and then I want to nestle all of those chain links down into that partial loop. Now I’m going to wrap that loop to secure it and to do that I’m going to grasp across the loop like I did before on the other end and I’m going to take that tail and I’m going to wrap it around the neck of the wire kind of under those beads two times. Like that and then I can cut the wire with my wire cutters and it looks like my wraps are a little wonky. I can straighten those out with my pliers, no problem. So there I cut that and I can use my round-nose pliers press down that little end that I’ve got sticking up. You can also kind of straighten it out, like that, to make sure that my loops are on top of each other. Like that. Now to turn this into a proper earring, I’ve got my earring wire. I’m just going to feed the earring wire up to that loop and then pull it around so that the loop is nestled into that open loop on the earring wire and I’m just going to use my pliers here to press the loop closed like that. And there we have a beautiful pair of Coral Chain Tassel Earrings. So pretty and so easy. [Music]

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