How to Make Bullet Shell Pendants – DIY Jewelry Tutorial

Hi everybody, this is Jessica from Today I’m going to show you how to make these
really cool bullet shell pendants. Starting with an empty brass bullet casing
– this is from a .223 Remington and you’re going to need a jeweler’s saw like this – with a tiny fine blade. I’ll have a link to where you can find the
complete list of tools and materials needed for this project in the notes section. Before you start please make sure you’re wearing
eye protection because if these little blades or drill bits snap they can fly up and hit you in the eye and
that’s kinda scary. What I’m going to do is instead of cutting
all the way through the metal at any one point I’m going to turn the bullet as I saw gently so that I can just score a line all the way
around and make that groove so that when I finally cut through I can be sure that the line where I started
is going to connect with the line on the other side so we get a nice straight cut. Just keep turning and sawing slowly until
you cut through the metal and now we’re just going to sand down the
rough edge quickly This is 120 grit sandpaper. Just move it in a circle gently and get rid of any rough edges. Now we’re ready to drill. I’m just using a regular power drill here
with a 1/16″ bit or you could actually use a dremel as well
with a smaller bit, maybe a size 67 or 68 even. It takes a minute – I sped up the video but
you just hold the drill steady and drill right into the dimple until you get through the metal. Now we’re ready to add the bead. You’re going to want to find a bead that will
fit snugly but there needs to be enough room so that your wire can fit and I’ve got about 6 inches of brass wire,
24 gauge, and I just bend up both sides of the wire
– this is a traditional triangle wrap – or the way that you would wrap a briolette
drop or any other top drilled bead. You bend one end over until it forms an ‘L’
and then twist that end around the vertical one a few times to secure it in place and then you just trim off the excess as close
to the work as you can with your flush cutters. Feed the wire through the hole you just made
in the top of the bullet and push it in there to get it as tight as
you can and try to hide the wire inside the shell if at all possible so that it’s not peeking out on the sides. Now we’re going to grab your round nosed pliers and bend the wire away from you at a right
angle leaving a couple of millimeters of space above
the top of the bead or the bullet and again with your round nosed pliers grab
that bend you just made and fold the wire over and make a loop so
that you’re back at 90˚ again now grab your chain nosed pliers and hold
the loop steady with those pliers while you wrap the tail around the base in the space
that you left above the bead. Wrap it around a few times so that it’s pretty
snug and then trim off the excess with the flush cutters And you are done! I hope you had tons of fun with this project
and that you’ll come back and see me soon. Again, you can find me at for more free jewelry
tutorials, or visit my blog,
for more craft tutorials. Thanks for watching!

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