How to Make Bridesmaids Earrings. DIY Wedding Accessory Ideas.

Hi to everyone again! Today I want continue the wedding jewelry theme and in this video I am going to learn you how to create pearl long earrings from a small amount of materials This tutorial is suitable for beginners and for experienced masters as well. I also invite you to watch other tutorials about earrings on my channel. All links will be in the description. Please support my channel. Subscribe, put thumbs up and share this video! Well, let’s begin! Enjoy watching! For one earring you need: 70 cm of wire (0.5 mm), 26 pearls (6 mm) 16 seed beads, 1 long pearl bead (18 mm) 1 head pin,1 earring hook
Round nose pliers and wire cutters Put on 3 pearls and twist the wires 10 times Twist the same two branches on the sides Bend the wires as shown in the video Put the pearl on both wires Add the pearl to the right wire Put the wire into the neighboring bead Do the same on the other side Add one seed bead to each wire Pull the pearl to the desired distance Twist the branches Bend the branches as you like Twist the wires several times Add 6 mm and 12 mm beads to both wires Add 7 elements Pull the wire back into the long pearl Relax the wires Twist the center beads on the sides Put the pearl on both wires Divide the wires Put 5 seed beads on each side After this, pull the wires back through the pearl Attach the wires around the pin Trim off wires and flatten them down Make a loop Attach an earring hook to the part Done! I hope that everything I have showed in this video was clear for you. If you have any questions, write to me in the comments If you like this tutorial share it in social networks and click on the bell below to get the updates in time I wish you creative inspiration and beautiful works! See you next time, THANKS for WATCHING! Bye!

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