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How to Make Bridal Earrings. Easy & Quick Wedding Pearl Earrings. DIY Craft Idea.

How to Make Bridal Earrings. Easy & Quick Wedding Pearl Earrings. DIY Craft Idea.

Hello! In this master class I will show you how to collect a delicate wedding earrings that are excellent complement to a set of bracelet and hair vine. You will find the links to the master classes on how to do it in the description. I have already prepared one earring as an example. And now I will collect another one from the bottom and up, looking to the ready one earring. So, I take 1 meter of silver wire for beadwork in diameter of 0.4 mm. I fold it in half, put on a small cream pearl, bring it to the middle and twist the wire 8 times Twist two small branches with pearls a little lower left and right Put a pearl on one of the wires and do 8 twists The next branch will consist of three small beads. Add a large bead in the end and twist the branch. Do the same on the left side I continue to add branches from both sides. During assembly, I compare all branches with the ready earring, to ensure that all elements are symmetrical to each other. I finish the branch with a pearl flower. I put it on one of the wires, put the pearl on it and then bring the wire back. Put on a small bead and bring the wire back to the middle of the flower again. Similarly, attach another two pearls in the center of the flower. So, I will make a loop of beads on the reverse side of the flower in order to attach a earring finding to it. Put six small pearls on both wires. Make several tight twists and cut off the remaining wires. Attach the earring finding on the loop and our earrings are ready)) You will spend no more than an hour to create this beautiful earrings. I also advise you to try to make them in golden color, use other beads or even change the height of the earrings. It is all for today. Please share this video. Also you can subscribe to my channel and will find how to create a beauty by yourself! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!:):)

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