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How to Make Beaded Necklace. Handmade Tutorial for Kids. DIY Craft Ideas.

How to Make Beaded Necklace. Handmade Tutorial for Kids. DIY Craft Ideas.

Hello to everyone, today we will make light spring-summer necklace with leaves and various beads. Also, please subscribe to my channel, put your thumbs up and share the video on the social networks=) So, let’s get started. We need: 4 chains in lengths of 5 cm, fishing line, 8 beads, 28 beads with beautiful greenish divorces, 2 types of shiny beads, matte and ribbed beads gold pins with a ball, as well as a plastic leaves of two colors, 3 light green and 2 dark green. Also I will use cutters, round nose pliers and you will also see pins with a loop, connecting rings and a toggle lock at the end of the video. At first, we need to make four bunches with beads. I have already done the first for example, then I continue to build the next one. We put the small bead, then matte olive bead, measure 0.8 mm from the bead, cut the surpluses off and bend a loop in the form of a hook. In the same way, I fix the other beads on the pins. After that, we will fasten all our finished parts to the chain. I advise you to move from the bottom to the up. It is more convenient. On the second link of the chain we put a pin with a matte bead and close the loop. Attach the same bead to the second link of the chain. On the third link I attach only one red bead, and on the fourth link the corrugated bead. I advise to fix them from different edges of the links. So our beads on the chain looks like a bunch and all the elements harmoniously gather in the composition). At the last link of the chain, I put a red bead on and proceed to the next stage of assembling the necklace. We put 13 large beads on a double fishing line, This will be the left side of the necklace Further we form its middle Put a light green leaf, then a large bead and put the needle into the first link of our bunch. After the bunch we arrange a large bead. Now we already put a dark green leaf on the finishing line and continue assembly other details in the same order. I also filled the right side of the necklace with 13 beads and now I fix the pin with the eyelet. I put the needle on the pin, then put into the bead and there I make several strong knots After that I take the needle into the neighboring bead and cut the line off. We do the same on the other side… On the one side we put a large bead into the pin, bend the loop and also put the first part of the toggle lock in the form of a stick. On the other side we fix the second part of the toggle in the form of a ring. So, we just need to put the wand into the ring pull out both sides of the necklace, the lock locks and we will wear the necklace! I hope this tutorial was useful for you, Subscribe to my channel! In the next video, I’ll show you how to assemble other accessories in different techniques. See you soon, bye bye!

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  2. I just found your channel, beautiful design!!! Also you have a beautiful name 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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