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How to Make Beaded Jewelery : Beading Multiple Strand Necklaces when Making Beaded Jewelry

How to Make Beaded Jewelery : Beading Multiple Strand Necklaces when Making Beaded Jewelry

Welcome to the Bead Bar in Orlando, Florida.
My name is Sonia and in this segment for Expert Village, we are going to show you how to do
a multiple strand necklace. Lot of people are intimidated by a multiple strand necklaces
but it is actually very easy to do. If you have a look down here we are going to start
demonstrating how to finish one off. Now earlier we had done a single strand necklace. If you
want to make multiple strand necklaces, you have a couple of choices. What I am going
to do on this particular one is I am actually going to take the one piece I finished earlier
and we are simply going to add on a second strand; it really is that easy. So what I
am going to do first is we are going to slip on our ball, next our crimp, we are simply
going to follow right through the same loop we did our first one, going to back it through
so we don’t have to worry about the slack on the necklace on this first side. So I am
going ahead, and I am scooting up my crimp tube up close to the clasp, not choking the
clasp, we are pressing down on that first hole, which creates our little groove. Then
I am going to come up underneath it, add both those edges, we are going to close that up
like so. Now we are going to remove all of our slack, just bringing everything down.
Again we have our little ball, our crimp tube, and we are going to draw it in through the
opposite piece of our clasp and bringing it on through the crimp tube through the ball
like so. Now you notice I am also pulling my ball and crimp down here sitting on top
of my beads. This will help you bring your slack in a lot quicker and a lot easier. Okay,
everything looks to be good. The last side we are going to go in we are going to go to
the backside, we are going to punch down, create our little groove, and we are going
to come up from behind like so, and now we are ready to trim off and there we go. You
have a beautiful multiple strand necklace. Now you can either choose to do them graduated
so that they are different lengths or if you want to leave them all one length like this
one is, what is nice about that is before putting it on, all you have to do is twist
your clasp and you get that beautiful twisted effect. Now also there are a couple of other
options in the clasps. You can see on this multiple strand, we used a multiple strand
clasp or clasp there, and what we did is we just simply kept all the lengths the same
and then crimped off to each loop and you are done. Alright, go out there, have a lot
of fun. If you have any questions let us know, you can reach us at

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