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How To Make An Easy Beaded Bracelet: Jewelry Making Tutorial

How To Make An Easy Beaded Bracelet: Jewelry Making Tutorial

To make this bracelet we’ve got some beads. We have 27 Ultramarine blue beads here and these are six millimeters in size. And then we’ve got 10 copper nugget beads. These are darling little 2 millimeter beads. For findings, we have copper findings to match our nugget beads. We have a magnet clasp. We have clamshell bead tips and we have 2 crimp beads. And then we’re going to use bead stringing wire for this project. You can use copper colored bead stringing wire. We’re using gold because it isn’t going to show so it doesn’t really matter what color it is. And we’ve got 19 strand bead stringing wire. For tools we’re going to use wire cutters and chain-nose pliers. To make the bracelet the first thing you might do is cut a piece of bead stringing wire eight-and-a-half inches long and then we’ll put the clasp on one end. And to do that We’re going to feed on a clamshell bead tip so the clamshell bead tip is a little clam with a little hole in the bottom and We’re gonna feed the wire up through the clam through the hole in the clam We’re just gonna let that sit there and Then we’re gonna feed on a crimp bead and a crimp bead is a little piece of metal. That’s meant to be crimped I’m gonna feed that on Next what we want to do is crush the crimp bead or crimp the crimp bead onto the end of the wire so to do that, I’m Grasping the crimp bead. I don’t need it to be inside the clam. Shell. Yeah, I’m gonna come out here so you can see it I’m gonna press that crimp bead closed onto the wire And I’m gonna give it a couple squeezes. I want to make sure it’s really on there. So I’m kind of tug at it Yeah, it’s on there real good So next what you might do is slide the clam shell up over that crimp bead. It’s gonna hide that crimp bead and We’re just gonna close the clam shell by pressing it gently, you know one press too hard It’s metal and it’s hollow and you don’t want to dent it. Let me just give it a little squeeze like that And that’s one end, but the sort of wires sticking out. I’m going to trim that wire with the wire cutters It’s gonna give it a little snip Just snip that right off and Make sure that the clam shells close like that and then we can go ahead and put one side of the clasp Onto that clam shell and to do that. I’m going to separate the magnet clasp. We love magnet clasp We do all this work. You don’t want your bracelet to fall off so I’m just going to slide the magnet clasp into that open loop on the clam shell and then I’m gonna close that little loop up you can buy these clam shell bead tips with a closed loop here if You’re worried that it’s going to open up on you. We have never had that happen, but it could happen So you can buy it with the closed loop. You’ll just want to add a jump ring in there to attach the magnet clasp So that’s on there nice and secure One end of the bracelet is done and now we can do the beads And this is a basic bead stringing project. Which means we’re just going to slide on the beads in the order we want them on the bracelet and the pattern of this bracelet is going to be one copper nugget and Then three of these pretty ultramarine round beads You could do this with any beads, you want the round beads look particularly good on this bracelet and The copper nuggets. We like how they’re smaller than the Round beads. They just look nice together. So once we have on one nugget and three round beads, we’re gonna feed on another nugget so here goes a nugget bead followed by three of My ultramarine beads One two Three this is a great project to make as a gift because it’s super wearable And this blue color we liked it because it’s got kind of a denim feeling so it really has sort of a neutral Look, but it’s still bright enough to be kind of jazzy so I’ve got Two beads on there and yet another one keep the pattern going and this one with these six millimeter beads and The two millimeter copper nuggets we wound up With a bracelet that has a finished length of seven and a half inches, and that’s pretty standard But if you want it shorter you could leave off a couple beads and if you want it longer you could cut your wire a little bit longer and Add another set of beads I’ve got two more of my blue beads The hardest part is finding the hole in the bead right and Then here’s my last nugget So the next thing we want to do is finish the end and to do that. We’re going to slide on Our clam shell bead tip And then slide on our Crimp bead, they’re small so that they can fit inside the clamshell When I do the other side I did the crimp bead all the way out at the end of the wire But for this side, I want this the beads on here nice and tight. I want them all pushed up against each other not so tight that it is curling in on itself, but I don’t want a lot of gaps like this gap eNOS so I’m gonna push that together and then I’m gonna reach inside with my chain nose pliers and press that crimp bead closed inside the clamshell and I want to tug on a little bit make sure it’s closed it is and Then I can close that clamshell over the crimp bead If you want, you can put a drop of jewellers glue inside here as a little added security But we really don’t have any trouble with these coming apart But it is nice when you’re giving it as a gift to feel secure now. I’m gonna trim the wire I’m guessing this wire was bigger than eight-and-a-half inches because I have a lot of wire leftover But you should be able to do it with just eight and a half inches Mid trim that little end and then now I can finish this by putting my other side of my magnet clasp into that clamshell loop and Then closing the clamshell loop I’m just kind of bending it down towards the clam shell keeping that loop shape Press it close. Make sure it’s nice and closed. And then the nice thing about a magnet clasp is you just clamp them together and There is our beautiful and very easy beaded bracelet.

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  1. I made one! Thank you for sharing this. It was a bit of a challenge to find all the materials, so I will share where I got them. the tiny nuggets-Amazon, the beads at Hobby Lobby. 2×2 crimping tubes (couldn't find small enough crimping beads) from Fire Mountain Gems, clamshell bead tips and 6mm magnetic clasps from Etsy. Everything I got worked for this bracelet!

  2. I’ll tell a goof on myself. When I first started making jewelry, I wanted to use magnet closures almost exclusively, but a friend kept saying she didn’t know if she trusted them, so I thought I’d fix that by adding a safety chain. Imagine how it looked when finished, with the safety chain all caught up all around the magnet closure. LOL! I use magnet clasps regularly now and never have problems… and without a safety chain! ✨💖✨

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