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How to Make a Washi Tape Washer Necklace | Sophie’s World

How to Make a Washi Tape Washer Necklace | Sophie’s World

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
Today is an awesome day because I have my two amazing crafters Liam and Frankie
here with me today and we’re gonna make a really simple really fun project and what
I love about this project you guys is that anybody can do it the thing about it is it uses washi tape
washi tape is a great tape because you can actually rip it as opposed to duct
tape which can be a little tricky duct tape is fun but this is
really super super easy and you get a really cool result from it so what we’re
going to be using though is something that you find at the hardware store and
that is a washer and this washer here that I’ve got is 3/16th that’s the little
hole in the center 3/16th and then it’s one and a
quarter inches on the outside and it comes in a package like this you can buy
them in a little smaller package or you can buy them individually at the hardware store so here’s the thing we’re going to use a washer so you each get a washer right
one for you and we’re gonna be using some string you could use leather thong, you could use satin cord you can use whatever you want but I’m gonna use some fun string here for us you can use beads but you don’t have to I’ve got those
you do need washi tape we’ve got our washi tape and it’s set and ready to go
right over there and we also have clear nail polish now again this is one of
those things that you don’t have to use the clear nail polish but if you want to
give a final coat to make it last a little longer clear nail polish is always good. OK, let’s get started this is what we’re making and so all
you do first thing I like to do is I like to start by measuring out my string
all I do here and you do need a good pair of scissors all I do here is I measure out my string and this one’s about 24-30 inches long and
tie off the end and to tie off the end you just take the two ends
wrap them around your finger and then tuck those two ends up and through and then once you’ve done that you take
the little noose part here right which is the other end and you stick it through
the middle of your circle right there so right through the middle of the donut
right so that if you were to pull this you could go like this with it right like a little spinning top then take
this and you take this end reach through the loop and pull it out alright so I’m
gonna let you guys each make your own while I tell them what the next step is.
One for each. Now what we’re going to do is we take our, while you guys are working on
that I’ll show you what we do next so we take our fabulous amazing washi tape and first thing is find the end but you take
the amazing fabulous washi tape open it up and all I’m gonna do is place it
on my washer however I want my design to go now I like to personally leave the
circle part open line it up just so it’s at the circle part. I’m not gonna get
worried about my string and I’m not gonna get worried about the fact that it overlaps because what I’m gonna do is flip it over and I am going to seal it
onto itself on the back side like that here’s the great part this is what I
mean about loving washi tape so much pull this down so it’s out of the way and I
just take my scissors trim right along the edge there when I trim my fabulous washi tape is on there
it’s covered the entire washer and I’m ready to go so now you guys can see you can
have so much fun designing and creating this anyway you would like now
if you wanted to do beads what you wouldn’t do is you wouldn’t tie this end what you
can do is just leave this end open and then you could put your beads on and then tie it when you’re all done but you don’t have to use beads and then the final step once
you’re all done here once again take your tape you put it on however you want and and wrap it over seal it unto itself take your scissors
cut around the edge there so you end up with this is I’m gonna call this
my Alcatraz necklace because it looks like I should be wearing this on my swim
to Alcatraz so once you get to the point where you’re happy with the design then you can start with a coat of clear nail polish now again you don’t have to
do this but the clear nail polish what’s nice about it is that it does seal it in and
you can see it’s really easy all you gotta do is just paint it on and then
that seals it in and if you wanted to at this point you could add even a
little glitter if you wanted to or you could add some jewels and let it dry you want to let it dry for a good five to 10 minutes just so it’s nice and solidly dry before you flip it
over and do the other side that you guys is all there is to it so I’m gonna let these guys
keep working and I’m gonna ask you guys to come back and watch us for more great
ideas using things from the hardware store things from your crafting bin. Check us out at

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