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How To Make A Leather And Lace Cuff Bracelet

How To Make A Leather And Lace Cuff Bracelet

Hi I’m Kitty and I’m Jennifer and we’re
the O’Neil Sisters and we’re going to show you how to make a leather and lace
cuff. This cuff bracelet is super easy to make and it’s so wearable. Let’s get
started. To get started you’ll need a leather
band and we got this at the craft store. It came with a snap closure already on
it so it’s ready to go. And then you also need some lace. And our lace came on a
spool so we have scissors to cut it to the right length. And then we have a
little trick we’re gonna do with the leather band. We’re gonna stain it a
darker color and to do that we have some water-based stain from the craft store.
The color we’re using is oak. And to apply it we’re using a sponge. To embellish our
leather cuff we’ve got a vintage brooch. This is a rhinestone and pearl brooch
and we’re going to cut the pin back off of it using wire cutters. We’re also
going to embellish our cuff with some rhinestones. These are Swarovski crystal
rhinestones that are flatback, 4mm. We’re going to use e6000
glue and to apply the glue we’re going to use a toothpick. To get started the first thing we want
to do is to make our cuff just a little bit darker. So to do that we’ve got
some oak wood stain and this is from the craft store like we said. It’s water-based
which is very nice. And to apply it we’re just going to put a little bit on to our
sponge here and then we’re gonna apply it in circles on the cuff. So you might
think you want to do it in stripes, but it really works better to put it on with
a circular motion. So I’m just going round and round getting it a little
darker that way then I’ll just add a little bit more. You kind of layer it as
you go and that will help get rid of any streaky lines or marks. And it really
makes a beautiful color. We tested a lot of the different stain colors that they
had. And you know they’re all wood based so there’s like there’s like walnut,
chestnut, and that sort of thing. And we liked this oak color with the leather. We
thought it went well with the leather. So then once you have your stain on like
this, you just let it dry and once it’s dry to the touch we’ll be ready to do
the next step. So our leather band is dried here and we
also took the sponge and ran it around the edges of the leather band so the
sides match the top of it. And the next thing I’m going to do is put on the lace.
And you’d think that what you want to do is center your piece of lace on the band
just like that But the trick with this is that you want to make sure that this lace doesn’t get trapped in the closure when you close the bracelet. So
one thing you might want to do is go ahead and close the bracelet like this,
the cuff. And see where this overlap is and what you can do is, I’m just gonna
use my fingernail to make a little mark like that. It’ll go away but that’s
gonna show me where where this leather piece is gonna cover up this end. Yes so
you don’t need to put lace up under the
closure it would just get in the way. Wouldn’t allow you to close it properly.
So we’re gonna put one end there and then we’re gonna come to the other end.
And we also don’t want to cover up this snap. So I’m gonna cut off the last
flowers that are on top of that snap. And that’s how long our lace is gonna be. So
you can just eyeball yours like that. And it’s nice not to cut right through the
flowers in this particular lace. So now we can center this between that line and
the snap and that’s where we want our lace to go. Perfect.
And what we’re ready to glue our lace down and to do that we’re gonna use our
E6000. And there’s no real magic to this. Basically I’m gonna hold the lace
in place since we have it where we want it. And then I’m just gonna fold it back and kind of hold it with my fingers like
this and apply some glue to the underside. And the idea is to get the
glue on the parts of the lace that are kind of the the least lacy. Not sure how
to say that. The biggest pieces–like in this case it’s these flowers–have the most
surface area to put the glue on. That’s right and that way the glue won’t just
go right through the lace. So I’m gonna go ahead and put that down. Kind of
center it between the edges there. And now that part’s tacked down, I can move
and pull the next section back and glue that down glue that down. And we picked this lace ribbon, we picked it out because it was a little
bit narrower than the leather band and we like that because we like the leather
showing on the sides of the lace. But you could also use wider lace than that and
have it kind of frill out over the edge that could be pretty too. Yeah it’s pretty
much whatever you want. That’s one of the things we like about this particular
craft is that it can be very free form. I’m just gonna keep applying the glue to
my flowers here. And this is e6000 is just a general all-purpose
craft glue. We like this glue for this kind of project it’s particularly great
because you can use it for both the fabric and the rhinestones and the
brooch you don’t have to switch glues. That looks great. One more. I really like
how this ivory or cream colored lace looks on top of the leather and the
color that we dyed the leather. Turns out it’s really pretty.
Yes it’s very Boho. Yes. So now that we have the lace on we can put the brooch
on. And what you want to do is you want to take your brooch, or if you have a
maybe a shank button or maybe it’s an old-fashioned clip on earring, you want
to cut the back off so it’s flat. We’ve actually already cut the back off of
this one. It was just in our collection. We must have thought we were gonna use
it for something. But I do want to show you what that looks like. So here’s a
different brooch we’re not going to use for this, but I’ll just demo how to cut
the back off this pin. This has a hinge on one side and the little clasp piece
part at the other and what we want to do is just cut those loose. And I find with
these heavy-duty wire cutters you can just squeeze a few times in different
directions. I just go around it and squeeze a few times and it’ll start to
come loose. It just takes a little bit of elbow grease. And just kind of keep
pressing and pressing. It’s really something you just sort of work at it. A
little bit at a time. And then that’s how you’ll pop off the back. The idea is that
you just want the back of your vintage brooch or if you’re using vintage
earrings or even a shank button, you want it to be as flat as possible. Yes. To get good surface area with what you’re gluing onto. Yes. So that’s sides done.
Great. That’s nice and flat and we’ll just do the same to cut the other side
and make sure that this is just nice and flat so it’ll have a good surface area
to contact the leather cuff. And since we already did that with this vintage
brooch, we’re ready to glue that on. And again we’re just gonna use our E6000
for that. And this brooch is actually, it kind of caves in a little
bit, so what I’m gonna do is apply the glue to the spots that are a little more
raised like where the pinback was. And all the way around the edge here,
just want to make sure it’s got good contact with the cuff. We want to center
it on the lace, not on the cuff, because we’ve got different sides on that. we’re
gonna center it on the lace piece. And I’m just gonna count how many flowers we
have. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen
flowers. So we’ll have six on one side. We’ll do six on the other. So we’re gonna
glue it on this central one right here. Perfect. I’m just gonna go for it! Yes. And
that looks great just as it is, but we like a little bit extra bling so we’re
gonna add some bling with some rhinestones. These are flat back
rhinestones which means the back is flat, perfect for gluing. So we’re gonna use
our E6000 again and instead of trying to hold the rhinestone like this
and squeeze the E6000 onto it. You’re gonna get way too much glue. What
we like to do is use a toothpick and basically squeeze a little bit of the
E6000 out and get a little bit on the tip of the toothpick. And I’m
just twirling the toothpick so that I can kind of control how much I’m getting
on there, kind of in a little ball, like that. Right. Whoops. There we go. Got
a little too much. There we go and then I’m going to pick up my rhinestone, apply a little
bit to that back of that rhinestone, that nice flat back, and then we decided we
want to add the rhinestones in between the flowers directly onto the leather.
Yes. The rhinestones looks so nice on the leather itself that we’re going to glue
them right onto the leather. And we’re just putting them in between each of
these little flowers. Whatever your design is your lace design can help you
decide where to put the rhinestones. Exactly. So I’m gonna do another one
opposite that one here. And there are some glues that you can buy that have a
precision applicator, the tiny little kind of like a needle on
the end.. And they work great for rhinestones also, but we like the idea of
not switching glues on this. Yeah. This glue works for both the lace on leather
and also the rhinestones and the brooch. So we like sticking with the one glue. So
we’re just going to keep embellishing the leather cuff with our rhinestones,
one at a time, until we have a rhinestone in between each one of our flowers and
then our cuff will be done. Thanks so much for making this project
with us. And if you want to see more crafts like this, come join us on our
blog at Happy crafting.

3 thoughts on “How To Make A Leather And Lace Cuff Bracelet”

  1. Firstly, THANK YOU for sharing this beautiful tutorial! I love it! I just absolutely LOVE making leather, metal, and mixed media (leather w/metal, metal w/leather) jewelry. I have always preferred a mix of things, contrast, very rarely plain ANYTHING. Like I have to mix my food up, ya kniw mix my corn into my potaoes then stick my fork into a piece of turkey/beef/chicken, and eat it all together, lol. Right down to my hair colors, since I was 19, I never liked my hair one color, so I would get hilights AND very dark low-lights….very light, and very dark, and my natural color in the mix, lol! Im the same with the jewelry I make. I have been thinking of making a leather cuff with lace for soooo long, I have thought out/drawn out different designs, and have a few…then I came across your BOHO design here while looking for a tutorial on working with plain tanned leather (really thick and stiff) . I am making some Christmas presents for my family members, and one sister loves horses, and old…really old craftsmanship/style maybe from the Victorian days & medieval as well. She is sweet, sensitive, yet very strong and this cuff seems perfect for her! I will look for something with a horse to use as the center piece, perhaps make something out of resin/set in resin…I like that idea now that it just came to mind writing this, lol. Love your choice in lace! Love the rhinestones, we all love a lil sparkle, me alot. I may have been a cat in my past life, lmao! I will give this a go, and I woule love to see more mixed media crafts/jewelry, I'll have to subscribe and check out your other videos….again Thank you!

  2. Hi! I’m new to your channel and so glad I found you! I have a question. Could you use the heat set rhinestones on the leather? Thank you in advance! 💜💕💜

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