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How to Make a Japanese 12-in-2 Chain Maille Bracelet and Ring

How to Make a Japanese 12-in-2 Chain Maille Bracelet and Ring

69 thoughts on “How to Make a Japanese 12-in-2 Chain Maille Bracelet and Ring”

  1. @BurningKreoss I sure am wearing a dragonscale bracelet, good eye! Keep watching for an upcoming tutorial video on dragonscale, and other chain maille weaves.

  2. I just finished this ring today. Very nice tutorial. I thought it would feel bulky but it sits nicely on my finger. I did substitute a smaller jumpring in the band so it would fit. Fun!

  3. @pookiebkawaii The Japanese 12-in-2 Flower Ring – Project R111 – takes one package of the copper and one of the silver to make the ring. There's a list of supplies and links in the video description underneath the video.

  4. i really love the work you are doing!im really into beading and making charm bracelets,but i have not tried the chain maille style…Do you have a tutorial on wire wrapping?i would really appreciate it. thanks a bunch…gr8 vids!!!

  5. Excellent video, and a question, my dear!
    I got a package of the large and small artistic wire rings, and I found that the finish flaked off of it really easily, and in my beginning efforts, I kind of gnashed the wire. It doesn't look too pretty.
    Are there similar rings to use with regular non-artistic wire jump rings?
    Thank you for the video and your time 😀

  6. @merbearlorelei Hello and thank you for your kind words! I'm so sorry to hear that about your rings! I have found that when you are starting out, before you have a feel for chainmaille, that is often the case. Believe me– I marred quite a few rings until I got just the right touch, so I feel your pain! Unfortunately, I think the flaking is a possibility with many plated rings.

  7. @Beadaholique You may want to try working with solid rings, but no other brand (that I know of) comes in those nice, pre-measured and made for chainmaille packages. I would suggest finding the solid (not plated) versions of whatever rings are the closest in size to the Artistic Wire kind that you are working with. Good luck, and let me know how things turn out!

  8. @merbearlorelei You can use a product called Tool Magic. You coat the jaws of the pliers with it so the pliers are less likely to scratch your rings. If you want to work with solid metal rings, there are a number of companies that sell them. Check out Blue Buddha Boutique. They sell rings in aluminum, copper, stainless steel, silver among other metals. They even sell rings similar to Artistic Wire. Check them out. There are also a lot of other ring sellers. Google chain mail. Good luck.

  9. @hollz047 Hi! There are going to be a number of different combinations you can use and it will be best to figure them each out individually. To do this, you will need to figure out the Aspect Ratio. Here is a great place to look which explains Aspect Ratio, what it is, how to calculate it, and the different results you will get with different sized rings (without the spaces): mailleartisans . org / articles / articledisplay . cgi?key=10902 Best of luck!

  10. I would like to order the jump rings from your website. My mom and I loved this project so I decided to make this for her! I was wondering if I choose Domestic – Standard Shipping ($3.00) shipping method how long would it take to ship?

  11. Thank you, Andrea! I love the tutorial – just makes you eager to start right away! I love the bracelet you;re wearing there. Will that weave be taught also? I would really want to learn that.
    It looks very complicated, though…

  12. That bracelet is made out of dragonscale chain maille. We just uploaded a video titled "How to Make Dragonscale Chain Maille" Check that out to see how to make a similar bracelet.

  13. Ok thank you! I ordered already and I really hope it comes on Friday, I really need it for Mother's Day!

  14. Figuring out what ring size combinations will work for specific chain maille weaves is a very complex process. I'm sure you could use 4mm jump rings for either the horizontal or vertical rings in this weave, however, the gauge of the 4mm rings and the size and gauge of the second size ring would need to be carefully calculated.

  15. For Japanese 12-in-2 chain maille, the most important things to consider are that four horizontal rings (the larger rings) need to fit inside the vertical ring (the smaller ring). The horizontal rings (larger rings) much be large enough to fit twelve vertical (smaller) rings inside them.

  16. There are a lot of mathematical equations involving aspect ratio that are used to figure out the sizes, but if you start with these size requirements, and probably use one gauge larger on the larger rings, then it will get you close to what you need. You can experiment from there to find the right fit. Alternately, if you'd like the equations to get the exact numbers, I can try to look them up for you.

  17. 1. Four horizontal rings must be able to fit inside the vertical ring. ie the vertical ring ID must be at least 2.8 times the wire diameter of the horizontal ring.

  18. 2. The horizontal ring must be big enough to fit twelve vertical rings along its inside diameter. ie ID of horizontal ring must be (12*WD)/Pi + WD where WD is the wire diameter of the vertical ring. 12*WD is the space needed to line 12 rings up. The pi is to convert that into the circumference of a circle. The "+ WD is to take into account the fact the when I line 12 wires around the circumference of the calculated circle the OD is larger by one wire diameter.

  19. I was wondering, could you do a tutorial on how to make a 5-Pointed Celtic star out of jump rings?

  20. I am not sure how to make a celtic star out of jump rings. I can look into it and if I can figure it out (and if it is not another artists original design), then I can add it to our to-do list.

  21. I have been reluctant to create chainmaile jewellery, I actually have the two booklets shown in the video, they were given to me by a year ago!!! After watching this video I am defo going to try this technique when I am on my annual leave, thank you for making it look so easy.

  22. The flowers are stiff due to the tension of the rings. If you are using different sized rings, they may not come out the same.

  23. You make this look much easier to do than it actually is! I made a mess, lol. I'm pretty sure I'm using the wrong sized jump rings, I'll have to go out and get the same size you used.

  24. Hi may name is Cerise your new subbie. I have been watching a few of your videos & am thinking about getting into jewelry making . I get really carried away at arts & crafts fairs buying homeade jewlery. I was wondering if you sell any of your pieces? I really luv this chain maille bracelet & ring. How much would you sell those 2 for?

  25. Our videos are made to teach you techniques and inspire you to create 🙂 All of the supplies for you to make your own Japanese 12-in-2 chain maille bracelet can be found in the video description.

  26. The ring gauges are 18 Ga/ID 4.37mm/140pc and 20 Ga/ID 2.78mm/110pc. You can get them on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  27. Hi, I'm Lyn, new to jewelry making, but I do want to thank you for sharing and showing us on how to make the japanese bracelet and ring. You do a terrific job on explaining how to do it, I know I can do it, so again thank you and keep the ideas coming. :o)

  28. As gorgeous as your jewelry is, you totally lost me after the first few steps and I've watched the video at least six times now. 🙁 Is there any way you could reload this video using bigger size jump rings and doing each step more slowly so I can see and understand what exactly you're doing? I'm so confused!

  29. The 12 in 1 refers to the 12 rings being attached to the center ring in the final project. I would suggest just keep following the video and seeing it through to the end, I always feel lost when trying a new chain maille weave but if I keep at it, I end up seeing how it works in the end.

  30. You can get them on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  31. hola, me puedes decir como puedo conseguir los libros? yo vivo en Guadalajara, Mexico, gracias todo esta hermoso

  32. We sell the books on Beadaholique . com's Website. The links for the supplies including the books in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  33. LOVE, love it ! beautiful !
    PLEASE ACCESS : iara olivo de almeida (youtube)
    -Style an easy convenient bridal hairstyle
    using 3 BRACELETS !,
    -cute hairstyle using styrofoam balls !
    thank you ! beijos do BRASIL !

  34. hi, i ordered the same size jump rings as you've stated but when ive made it, the flowers are loose, like the silver jump rings are too big so it wont stay in a flower shape when lifted.
    what sizes should i get to make sure it doesn't so this, or should i get a specific type of jump ring which are thicker or something,

  35. Hi! This project and video is a by a designer who is no longer working with us. I just double checked the physical project and the rings she listed and I they appear to be correct. Ironically a number of people have the opposite problem with this project, finding the silver rings very tight. In general, if you are finding rings to be too loose, you will want to look at the aspect ratio and have a ring with a smaller aspect ratio.

  36. me encanta todo lo que se refiere a bisuteria, esta lindo este juego con aros, no he podido encontrar las medidas exactas de los aros para lograr la flor, pero me encantaria me mandaran muchas cosas lindas de las que ud. hace, gracias.

  37. Im looking to learn more about making jewelery but i want the more high in materials, i dont want anything that will make your finger or neck turn green. Or metals that turn color after a few wears. What do i use! I love these videos!

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