How to Make a Handmade Beaded Hemp Necklace : Measuring a Handmade Beaded Hemp Necklace

Hi, my name is Amy Kline. I’m here on behalf
of Expert Village to show you how to create hemp jewelry. Now, this involves hemp obviously
and this comes in many different thicknesses. I like to work with the thinner version because
it gives you more options on what kind of stuff you can put on it as far as beads and
different findings of glass, anything that’s got a predrilled hole that you could string
onto the hem works fine. So we’re going to start by cutting it. Now, it takes different
lengths obviously to make a necklace vs. a bracelet. I use this little secret method
of measuring with my arms because if you want a necklace you start with both your arms spanned
and you fold in half and I find that if you cut it there that makes a perfect length for
a necklace. So obviously, if you’re a bigger person you have a bigger neck, you have wider
arms it’s going to come out bigger. So that’s how we start and I’m going to show you how
to start from the basic hemp all the way through the beads, tying on the beads to create a
finished necklace. So that’s what we’re going to do. So now that we’ve cut this first piece,
this is going to be our working strands. So now we need our drone strands which are the
strands that run through the middle of the necklace that you don’t actually see. It’s
the strand that we’re actually tying the knot onto. So, that one can obviously be a little
shorter because the length of it isn’t getting taken up by knots. So you can actually measure
your neck. You want to give yourself a little working room, so if you want it to fit like
the one that I have on, give yourself a little extra room and obviously fold it in half like
I showed you and of course I’m getting it all tangled up. So you fold it in half, wrap
it around your neck, give yourself a little space and cut it. So now you’ve got your drone
strands which aren’t worked on, well aren’t tied, they’re worked around and then you have
your working strands which are longer. So when you put them together with the middles
together, fold it in half. You got your middle so you end up actually with 4 strands hanging
down. You put them together like that and then you just tie an overhand knot which is
basically you just cross it over, bring it through like you’re starting to tie a shoe
and you leave yourself a little loop at the top and that’s going to help you close it
when you get to the end of it, because you’ll have a bead on the end of it when you get
done working on it. It’ll go through the loop and that’s your closure.

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