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How to Craft a Duct Tape Prism Charm Bracelet

How to Craft a Duct Tape Prism Charm Bracelet

Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Lauren from the
YouTube channel LaurDIY and today we’re going to be making this super cute bracelet. And
it may not be made out of diamonds or crystals, but I would say it’s the next best thing.
SO for this craft I’m going to be using duct tape in galaxy, some duck prism in small stars
and then I also have my needle nose pliers, regular pliers that are going to double as
wire cutters, eye pins, a clasp, some jump rings, a chain, my scissors, a craft knife
and my craft mat. So to get started, I’m going to be using my galaxy tape and I’m going to
do one big strip and just use the entire width of the tape. And just slice that right off
with my craft knife. And then I’m just going to peel this right back up and we’re going
to place this sticky side up. And then I’m going to go ahead and grab my first eye pin
and we’re going to need to cut these down to size with the wire cutters about so I’m
going to cut about half of this right off. So go ahead and do that for a few so I can
just go straight into laying these down. So next I’m going to take my eye pins and place
those every half inch. And you just want to make sure that the circle is still peeking
up outside of the tape and now we’re actually going to use the bottom of the strip to make
a second row of charms. So same thing, just making sure that the circle is pointing towards
you this time. So go ahead and repeat that exact same process until you’re strip is completely
filled with your eye pins. And next I’m going to skip right onto making the actual charms.
So with my prism tape, I’m just going to cut out a small piece here because I don’t need
the entire length that I cut with my duct tape. Cut that off, set this aside, and then
just peel off the backing of the prism tape and I’m going to sandwich these eye pins right
in between the two types of pins here. So once you’re eye pins are super secure between
our tape, I’m going to go ahead and cut off any extra that I have on the sides. And now
I’m just going to go right up the middle here and split these into two rows. And then I’m
going to cut right in between the middle point of the eye pins to cut each charm. So just
repeat that entire process until you have as many charms as you need for your bracelet
so I have some pre-cut ones right here. So the next step is going to be to make sure
your chain is the correct size for your wrist. So I think that I am good here and you got
to remember that you’re adding two jump rings to both ends so it’s going to add a little
bit of extra length. So the next step is going to be to take our jump ring and your needle
nose pliers or your regular pliers and all were going to be doing, so I like to hold
one end of the jump ring with my fingers and the other side with the needle nose pliers
and you’re just going to pull in opposite directions to open up that jump ring just
like that. So all we’re going to be doing is threading on our first charm through the
eye pin and then popping it onto one of the links of the bracelet. So you only want to
open the jump ring once, so go ahead and do that all in one step and then push those together
to close it up just like that. And your first charm is attached! So I’m just going to go
ahead and repeat this process again to add another charm, so pull apart and thread on
my charm and you can space these out as far as you like or close so you have one like
this one where they’re almost on every link or maybe go a few links apart. However you
would like. And you can just repeat this exact same process until your bracelet is as full
as you would like so I’m just going to grab my finished one over here so we can move onto
the next step. So this is exactly what it’s going to look like and I made mine pretty
full, but you can do whatever you would like. So the next step is going to be to add our
clasp. So I’m going to scoot all this stuff to the side here. So again, using our needle
nose pliers, I’m just going to grab a jump ring and we’re not going to be adding a charm
this time, we’re just going to be attaching just the jump ring to one end of the bracelet.
So I’m going to find the very end link, just loop that around right here and close it up.
And that’s going to be the attaching section for the other side of the clasp. So now, similar
to the charm on the other side, we’re going to open up our jump ring, so same thing, pull
in the opposite direction. We’re going to loop on our clasp right here, so just like
we would do with the charm and then grab the last link on the opposite end and hook that
on and close that right up. So now your clasp is attached, you can just throw that right
on your wrist and you’re ready to hit the town with your new sparkly bracelet. And make
sure you follow our Pinterest account for more duct tape craft inspiration.

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