How to Craft a Duct Tape Beaded Necklace

Hi, I’m Mr. Kate, owner and
creator of the DIY blog Today I’m going to show you how to
make a beaded necklace using duct tape. You need one or more roles
of color or printed duct tape– I’m using rainbow– jewelery
pliers; thin, elastic cord; a ruler; scissors or a craft knife; two jump
rings; one clasp; stirring straws– I’m going to use about 16 to create
this necklace– and a cutting board. Let’s get started. Cut a five-inch piece of duct
tape for each stirring straw. I’m using 16 because I
want a nice, full necklace. Place a piece of tape sticky
side up on your cutting board and cover each straw with the tape
by rolling the straw on the tape. Once you’re done with
all of your straws, you can cut your beads
using your scissors. I’m going to cut my beads about
an eight to a quarter inch long, but this doesn’t have to be perfect. Cut a 20 inch long piece of cord. You want one cord for each
strand of your necklace. I’m going to do seven. Take one of your jump rings
and loop the ends of your cord through the jump ring, and then seal
it with a small piece of duct tape. You can just wrap the duct tape around. Using your scissors, trim off
the excess of your elastic cord. Now it is time to thread your beads. Thread your beads on each cord
until all your cords are covered. Make sure you leave about an
inch showing on each cord. Now take your other jump
ring and, using your pliers, open it so that you can thread
your clasp onto the ring. And then you can close
it using you pliers. Now it’s time to seal your necklace. Thread the remaining ends of
the cord through the jump ring, and seal it with another
small piece of duct tape. It’s the same thing that
you did on the other side. Now just trim, using your scissors,
if there’s any excess peeking out. And you’re done. I really love it. I love how the rainbow
just makes it look like there’s so many beautiful beads. And that is how you make a
duct tape beaded necklace. Tada. You can find instructions
for this and others ducktivities on I’m Mr. Kate, thanks for watching. Bye.

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