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How to clean oxidized jewellery at home ?? [ With Subtitles ]

How to clean oxidized jewellery at home ?? [ With Subtitles ]

Hello Everyone welcome back to my channel Today’s video is a little different We have seen a lot that Oxidized jewelry Gets black after using it for some days Even some earrings and neck pieces turn fully back if so Shall we not use it any more? Shall we throw it out as it’s turned black Not at all Again we will use it but not the black once We will wash it Turn it back how it was golden or Silver Then we will use it In today’s video I will show you how to turn old black oxidized jewelry like new one by washing it. But Befor that Subcribe to my channel and click on the bell Icon Right beside it So that you won’t miss any notifications As you can see this oxidized chain has turned fully black. I will wash it and show you guys how to turn it back to silver For that I will put some toothpaste on the chain Then I will rub it for some time I am using my hands here but if you want you can use a brush too. Now the black residue is coming off And toothpaste is also getting dry Now I will wash it with water After washing I will dry it with a towel Make sure there is no water left on the chain I am taking a little bit of talcum powder And putting the whole chain into it Reason for putting the chain into talcum powder is Even after drying it with Towel If some water is left That will get dried because of the talcum powder Again I am cleaning it with the towel As you can see The chain was fully black and it’s again back to silver So if any of your neck piece or earrings gets black like this Then you can use it in this way and use it again And let me know if you liked the video let me know in the comments below And if you liked the video don’t forget to like it, share it with your friends and subscribe to the channel see you in next video

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