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How to choose the right Friction and Screw Earring Backs

How to choose the right Friction and Screw Earring Backs

We are going to show you some friction and screw earring backings. We have a few different ones here in
different sizes and with different holes. With friction push backs the most
important thing to check is that the hole is a little bit bigger than the
post. For example this post is about 0.6mm and this earring back
that we’re going to be using has a 0.95mm hole. We just know that from the product specifications. So we are just going to put that in there. Works just fine, it holds nice and strong. You won’t have to worry about it coming
off. And we’re going to use another stud earring with the same earring back. This one’s a lot thicker, about 0.85mm but it works just as well. These push-back earrings are basically interchangeable between those posts.
It is a lot easier to find push backs to work with the stud earring or post
but screw backings are not as easy. You have to make sure that the hole size
and the thread count match. The thread count is the number of threads per inch on the post. With screw backs you don’t have the same
flexibility with the different size post and the
thread count has to match exactly or it won’t screw in properly. It’s easiest to buy these as a set if possible but if you have any questions about which post and
backings are compatible, Just ask us!

3 thoughts on “How to choose the right Friction and Screw Earring Backs”

  1. So i have an earring I've had in for awhile, and the back is stuck! It WILL NOT budge. Ive had earrings all my life. And it isn't stuck to my ear or anything cuz i can move it back and forth and twist it. HOW DO I GET IT OFF??! I recently got new smaller earring studs for my cartilage and want to change it. Its a different back that i unfortunately don't see in this video. :/ its not a butterfly, but like the one that comes attached to the middle of the clear round backs that come with earings when you purchase them. Except theres no clear round part, just the metal part. Its a cheap stud. And the 'diamond' fell out. HELP?! Anyone?!

  2. What is the name of that handy little divice you are using to measure the post? Also, what hole size would I need to find for a 0.4mm post?

  3. is like the holy grail website on post backs I've been scouring the internet for all day long. Just looking for some post backs that work with my tiny petite earring posts. I think I've came to the right place. Thank you for uploading this video to YouTube. 🙂 It helped!

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