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Halloween DIY – Spider Web Earrings Tutorial – Easy Halloween Costume

Halloween DIY – Spider Web Earrings Tutorial – Easy Halloween Costume

Hey everyone! Jessica here from I thought I’d do something fun for you today,
since Halloween is coming up, and if you’re like me, you’re always looking for a last
minute Halloween costume or ways to be festive without spending a whole lot of time or money. So today I’m going to show you how to make
these spider web earrings using wire. For the base spokes, you want to use a half
hard or medium temper wire. I recommend this 22 gauge German style wire. It’s a good size and it’s the right temper. You DON’T want to use artistic wire or craft
wire because it’s going to be too soft and bend out of shape. So the first thing I’m going to do is use
my nylon jaw chain nose pliers to straighten the wire off the coil, and then start by making
a flush cut on the end of the wire (using the back of the flush cutters). Then, I’m going to decide how big I want my
spider webs to be. I think 1.5 inches is good, and just remember it’s actually going to be
a little bit smaller than that because we’re going to round over the edges so there are
no sharp ends. If you want to make your pieces a little bit
longer just to give yourself extra room to make loops and such, go right ahead – you
can always trim them down afterwards. Use the back of your flush cutters to cut
the other end as well, so you have a nice flush cut on both ends of each piece of wire. For each spider web you want to make, you’ll
need 3 equal lengths of wire. So we’re going to make 6 of these because we’re making a
pair of earrings. Now I’m going to take some 26 gauge wire – about
a 4 inch piece – and I’m going to wrap it around two of the pieces of 22 gauge wire
that we cut. Right in the middle, I’m just going to bundle
those together. And then we want to spread these two pieces
apart like this so they form an ‘X’ shape. Try to make sure you’ve got the wire centered
in the middle of the X, and then wrap one of the tails around to further secure those
pieces in place. Grab the third piece of 22 gauge wire and
place it across the X from side to side and continue to wrap the 26 gauge wire around. I’m turning the piece as I go so that I can
wrap once around through each set of spokes. So, once around through the middle X, turn it one spoke to the side, and then wrap
the wire around through that X that’s in the middle now. And keep going till I’ve got all of the pieces
secured in place and just pull those ends tight with my chain nose pliers before I cut
them off. And again with your chain nose pliers, go
in and tuck down those ends that might be sticking out. Now we’ve got a piece that looks like this
and we’re ready to start making our spider web earrings. I’m going to keep the wire attached to the
coil. This is the same 26 gauge wire that I was using before, and by the way it is OK to use artistic wire,
craft wire, or soft wire for this part if you want, because it doesn’t have to be structural. I’m using the German style wire which is medium
temper which works totally fine because it’s such a fine gauge. I’m just going to wrap the end of the wire
around one of the spokes to try and secure that down. Get that as tight as I can. As you can see, that still slides around a
little bit so I’m going to take the short end of the wire and wrap it around the next
spoke over. Wrap it around one time. And keep that as close to the center of the
spokes as possible. That’s a little bit better so I can trim off
the short tail now. Tuck that end down so we don’t have any sharp
pieces sticking out, grab that long piece of wire between your thumb and forefinger and bring it over the front of the next spoke,
grab the piece by the center with your other hand and twist it all the way around once
so that you come back to the front over the next spoke, and around all the way,
back again to the front. And you just keep twisting and repeating. You also want to try and keep the wire as
close to the center as possible with each turn, and if it gets too far away you can
just push it down towards the center there. Just to keep the spider web more even and
nice and tight. I think you’ve probably got the hang of it
by now so I’m going to speed up the video here. You can keep going until you feel like you’ve
got a good size spider web, but at the very least you want to make sure that you have
at least one piece sticking out that’s about 1/4 inch so that you can make a loop at the
top. You can see they’re not all perfectly even
but the one at the top here, that should be good for the loop. And the others, there is plenty of room to
just tuck those under. I’m going to go ahead and trim this, and as always, give it a little squeeze with
the chain nose pliers just to make sure that the end isn’t sticking out. I’m going to make a loop in that longest piece
there at the top – just grab it with the round nose pliers and turn it into a loop. And these other ends, I’m going to just twist
those to the back. So make the tiniest little loop and twist them toward the back of the
spider web and it will get rid of those sharp ends and
secure the woven part of the wire. Ok, that looks pretty good! The only thing left to do now is attach an
ear wire, and of course make the second earring 🙂 If you’re new to wire wrapping and working
with wire and you need help with the basics, I do have a couple of online workshops for
you and I’ll leave the link to those in the description
below the video. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
right now so you’ll be sure to get the next awesome tutorial. Thanks so much for watching! I hope you have
a happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “Halloween DIY – Spider Web Earrings Tutorial – Easy Halloween Costume”

  1. Very nicely done. Easy to see, easy to understand. I don't really like watching video instructions, but this has made me see how well they can be done and how very helpful!

  2. Wow! This is amazing! I'm trying this out now! Instead of folding the other ends back, I'm going to make loops and attach black crystal beads on them!! Thanks for this incredible idea!

  3. really enjoy the video, I'm having trouble keeping the wire posts in place as I wrap and the middle wire keeps slipping out.

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