Granblue Fantasy How To Farm Pendants Effectively

Hi guys, I know a lot of you may think that
it is a waste of time to talk about pendants, because everyone gets pendants as long as
they play This is a common sense Yes, but the problem is, how fast or how effective
you can collect these pendants and hit the weekly caps, actually makes a big difference
in terms of playtime and it also affects your overall growth in long run I’m sure a lot players out there, not just
new players, but old players alike, are struggling to reach these caps every week, but they always
fail to do so, especially for bonus pendants, because as a student or working class, we
just don’t have enough time to play And I’m one of them By farming your pendants effectively, you’ll
be able to save your time, and focus more on your daily life, your magna grinds, your
events, your piano, and even your girlfriend(boyfriend) or girlfriends In fact, the most effective and reliable way
to farm pendants, is to host or join a co-op room start a train, and run the raid for
30 times non-stop, or six times for high level raids Players who join a room, they all have a very
clear vision, and they know exactly why they are here Most players who join co-op room are aiming
for red boxes, bonus pendants and fast leech, so these raids could end really fast, probably
less than 45 minutes per 30 rounds, especially when you hop onto the train during
AT (Assault Time) That means you could almost effortlessly hit
your renown and prestige pendants’ weekly caps with your SR or even R team in less than
2-3 hours per week, which is not more than 20-30 minutes of gameplay per day Hm… it sounds too good to be true right? Especially for GBF, but this is the truth However, you need to be flexible about the
train, because 30 players are sometimes a little bit too overkilled for a raid If the boss is not that difficult, try to
adjust or limit the number of players, who can join your room, maybe 10 to 20, so that
you could still get enough honor or contribution before the boss is killed Besides, since you can set the minimum requirement
for player’s rank, you are also indirectly filtering out low-rank leechers Most importantly, there is no need for you
to choose your support summon or copy and paste raid ids over and over again, like when
you are using raid finder, so it is pretty comfortable to farm your pendants while watching
videos, or reading your books For me, a super slacker, sometimes I simply
click Auto Run, and let the game does its job It’s really carefree and easy But please be reminded, although joining a
co-op room is a good way to farm for pendants, especially for bonus pendants, it doesn’t
mean it is the best way to farm for weapons I still prefer to use raid finder when I’m
farming for certain stuff Farming pendants and weapons are two very
different things, you shouldn’t mix them up, we only talk about pendants in this video,
if you are interested about weapon farming, you might want to refer back to one of my
old videos, where I talked about drop rate mechanism And one more experience I would like to share,
is…hm…what shouldn’t we do, when we are farming for pendants First, when you sit down for pendants, you
don’t really want to join random battles that show up in your raid list, or simply host
a random raid and use your twitter to broadcast Because, when you join or host raids randomly,
without a specific direction, you are not getting anywhere Yes, you will still get pendants, slowly,
eventually, but since you are playing without a plan, you account will probably grow into
an ugly bonzai without enough care And it is also very time-consuming to join
random raids, because everyone wants to leech, and sometimes even after you make a twitter
post, it still takes forever to kill a boss, this is the worst scenario You don’t have the control, and you have no
idea who is going to join your raid You look at Baal, Baal looks at you, you look
at Baal, Baal looks at you… and it goes on and on for the next 30 minutes, 60 minutes,
100 minutes… Timmy, time for dinner! This is the story we all know about Secondly, you don’t want to use Raid Finder I know you may feel a little bit confused
here Come on Koon, now I already have a direction,
and the Raider Finder is specially designed for those who are looking for specific raids,
why shouldn’t I use it Yes, Raider Finder is a very nice tool to
hunt for weapons, but unfortunately, it is not an ideal place to go if you want to farm
pendants It is difficult for mobile players to use
Raid Finder, even if you are sitting at home, the experience of using Raid Finder can still
be very tiring and boring, because you have to click and paste those raid ids over and
over again, like for one to two hours, compromising the quality of your gameplay Frankly speaking, I find myself like a robot
when I use Raid Finder, that’s why I don’t use it when I’m farming for pendants Since everyone keeps their eyes on this platform,
we have leechers, we have slackers, we have… I don’t know, maybe a dog behind a computer
screen And the story is exactly the same here, we
have no idea who is inside these raids too, so joining these raids may also turn a fast
track into endless wait, if you are unlucky So try to avoid ineffective farming to save
your time, tell me whether my trick works for you, and if you have a better way to farm
for pendants, please don’t forget to share with us Meanwhile, I would also like to take this
chance to thank these subscribers, who pointed out my mistakes in one of the previous videos Thank you guys, thank you so much for keeping
the contents reliable and credible, the formula of critical chance when using five Ecke Sachs
and primal grid should go like this: Also, in order to help you with hosting or
joining a raid, I have prepared a Japanese-English raid list for you to cut and paste and use
it in the co-op room right under the video description You can simply add how many times you want
to run the raid at the back of these names, so that Japanese players can understand what
is inside the room and try to help you out

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