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Glowfish Necklace-How To Make Luminous Light-Up Beaded Jewelry Tutorial

Glowfish Necklace-How To Make Luminous Light-Up Beaded Jewelry Tutorial

Today I have for you a super simple
strung bead necklace but it has a twist, the focal bead in the center lights up
from the inside out. Hi there, Sandy here, welcome to another
jewelry making video at So in last week’s
Friday findings video I showed you this really cool LED light-up necklace kit
that I received from anglerfish designs and if you want to know more about that
I’ve gone ahead and linked it in the description box and in the cards in the
upper right of the video. Let’s see if I have it going the correct way here… This is a
class that’s USB powered and they also have one that’s solar-powered, you can
choose which you prefer, and in that Friday findings video I give you ideas
for how to choose the beads that will go in the center of your necklace. Isn’t that
cool? I just love the way this one looks and decided to design a piece of jewelry
around it. Now one thing about this kind of a necklace is that this is the clasp
and you have to have the two pieces together in order for it to work, so it
is not something that’s easily made adjustable. So once I had my focal bead
chosen I settled on the size I wanted my necklace to be. I’m going to make it about
20 inches long and it’ll be around 22 with the clasp and everything finishing
it. If you want more inspiration on how to use this LED jewelry they have a
whole gallery of great ideas at the Anglerfish website, and if you’re
interested in making jewelry like this I recommend that you purchase their
starter kit; it gives you everything you need to make three necklaces, although
they all will share one single clasp that powers the LED. Once you understand
the kit and how all the different pieces work then you can go back and purchase
individual things that you need to make more. Maybe give them as gifts for the
person who has everything. So I’ve selected this bead as my focal, it’s a
fairly smallish bead so I decided to keep my design
simple. Another thing that comes in your kit are these screw tight crimps: it’s
like a tube and there’s a little screw here that you can tighten and loosen and
you tighten it on the wire and then it’s like a crimp, it holds in place, and what
you want to do is once you get your focal bead chosen is put one of these
crimps on either side to keep it centered wherever you want it positioned
on the LED. Now in my case the bead is actually a little bit narrower than the
LED so it’s pretty easy to do the positioning. I’m just going to slide this
on, I’m going to have the flat side against the bead. The kit even comes with
this little bitty screwdriver. Now if you’re putting on a bead that’s bigger
than the LED and you want it positioned a certain way I would just tighten down
one side in approximately the spot that you want it and then slide on the other
one and tighten it down and kind of go back and forth loosening and tightening
until you have it just where you want it positioned. It might take a little bit of
trial and error. This is, the one I’m doing today is one style that they have,
it’s called the through pendant which means the wire just goes straight
through the bead, but they have another one where the two wires come together
like this and then your bead dangles down and that’s the pendant style and
I’m going to cover that and how to make a necklace with that in next week’s
video just because that’s a bit more involved.
So you just tighten down the screw so that it will hold your bead in place. So
I just finished tightening up the crimp on either side, and by the way some of
these crimps I noticed had little bits of flash, like leftover metal from the
production that were in there that no matter if I took out the screw entirely
I couldn’t get the wire through and what I did is I took a nice hard long needle
and just kind of reamed it out a little bit, you could probably use other tools,
too. Something just hard that would go in there
and just popped out those little extra bits of metal and got them out of the
way. So there’s that, and now I want to cover those up with bead caps, and I
tried all sorts of designs, again, you can take a look on the website and see all
kinds of ways. I love the way some of the beads are accented with big cones like
this. you do want something that’s going to enhance the bead and not overwhelm it,
like these are really pretty but they kind of took over.
Yeah, they don’t play nicely because it’s very deep right here it doesn’t play
very nicely with the the crimp. So you just have to do a little bit of
experimenting to find some kind of finding that will enhance your bead and
also cover up that crimp. I mean you could leave the crimp as a design
element, it is pretty enough, it’s got a kind of an etched design, but I was going
for antique gold in this and I thought these sort of accented it without taking
it over. Because my focal bead is on the smaller side I decided to keep my design
pretty simple and I just pulled out a few things here. I’ve got purple beads in
different shades some four millimeter Czech glass druks, Czech fire polish
beads of different sizes and colors. I’m not sure if these might be too big. I
thought I might do clusters of these stone beads these are gemstones I forget
which one, these are little daisy spacers, some other gold… so just purple and
gold. These are pretty kind of frosted, again just keeping the design fairly
simple and probably symmetrical. I’m going to use my bead design board and
just lay out about nine inches on either side. So I’ve gone ahead and done a
little stringing and also done a bit of experimenting here, if you look closely
you can see that these two sides are different and the way I did this pattern
was I just thought about the beads I had and tried to make clusters instead of just
randomly putting them places. So I have a cluster of these three opaque
medium purple beads, and then I took the gemstones and these larger saucer beads
and made a cluster of those, and then I only had a couple more of these little
opaque medium purples so I just put one and a spacer to separate out this cluster
of these frosted ones, and then I did another cluster of these spacers which
are these and some more the gemstones, and a little separator and I wasn’t sure
if I liked having this close to the focal bead. I think this is a little
heavy because they’re, the saucer beads are bigger in diameter than these,
obviously, and I think it’s a little heavy next to this focal, and so I think
I’m going to do it this way, have this cluster closer to the focal and then put
the ones with the larger saucer beads further out. And then up here just a few
more clusters and I think I’m gonna rearrange this. Again, it’s all just
experimenting as you go. Usually when designing a necklace I try to think of
that it gets lighter as you go around the back, so I’ll probably put this
bigger spacer here and then the grouping of three, this is just these daisy
spacers that I just put three, and that’s a good way to make the most of your
supplies, you can stack them up and give them more presence. A few more of these, what are they? White opal light amethyst four millimeter Czech fire polish, those
will just all go all the way to the back. I might throw in a couple more daisy
spacers. So that’s just a little bit about how I designed it. Just for funsies
let’s take a look at it lit up. Is that the right way? Nope it’s not going the
right way, and remember that that’s very important for when you’re finishing up
the stringing in a minute, there it is. Okay now, cool huh? Just a real subtle
pretty look, not tacky or flashy at all. It just is a really neat look. So now
I’ve got all my stringing sorted. I’ve got about 20 inches of beads on here and
I went ahead and finished this one side. but it’s very very important before you
do that that you make sure that you have the wires going into the correct ones.
Okay there it is. Not only do you have to have these magnets going to the correct
part of the clasp with the wide hole of the magnet attaching to the clasp, but
then you have to have the wire going in the correct direction. So I already
ascertained that before I finished this end and I’ll just show you how to finish the
ends. If you want more detail, I did a Friday findings video where I showed it
in much more detail. So first you start with one of these screw tight crimps and
you should put the end with a little bit of a taper towards your beads so that
the flat end is going to go towards your clasp, then you’re going to slide on the
magnetic part of your clasp for the magnetic tube and the wire should go
into the small end so that the wide end goes towards the clasp and also because
we have a little spring that goes in here and that will fit inside that wide
hole. And, yes, things grab on because they’re magnetic, they’re strong magnets,
they leap all over the place, and then you put on a crimp. This is just a tube
crimp like you’d get anywhere, and these pieces all come in your kit. So make sure
all your pieces are down where you want them. Now this part can be a little bit
of a pain because the clasp wants to jump up, so what I’m going to do is slide
my tube crimp out of the way for a minute,
get it positioned in the lower jaw of my crimping pliers, the ones that kind of
make a “u” shape, then I’ll slide it down and hold it so it’s all just a
little bit, not snug but just so that they’re all nice and even against each
other, and then crimp… Errr, yeah magnetic! And then turn that 90 degrees… and trying to
get that magnet out of the way… this is a little bit tricky. I’m just gonna kind of hold that, just
turn it 90 degrees and use the crimping pliers to flatten it, and when you’re
done what happens is when that spring is compressed that crimp ends up being
inside that magnetic tube. So kind of give it a tug, like I always tell you
when you do a crimp give it a tug, make sure that’s secure, and then you can use
your wire cutters to trim that off. Hello! Now what’s cool is that you can actually
wear this without the power source, so you can wear it unlighted because these
stick together and so that would be your clasp, but of course the whole purpose of
the exercise was to have our focal bead lit up. Isn’t that just too cool? and
that’s how it goes. So next week I will be showing you how
to make a similar necklace but with a pendant style LED. So I hope you enjoyed
this project, if you want links to the supplies I used make sure that you click
on the upper right go to my blog post or the lower left or the description box. All those places have a link to my blog post where you can find links to this
kit and the beads that I used and other tools that I used. Be sure to subscribe to
my channel if you haven’t already, take a look at my patreon page for how you can
get rewards and bonus tutorials for yourself every month. Happy creating, bye

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  1. So cool! What a clever idea, so many possibilities. I am tempted to use this in sculpting…maybe a character holding a lantern.

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