Gift ideas for women: the best women’s earrings under £10,000

Maria Doulton: Take it from me, a woman can
never have too many pairs of earrings, and you don’t need to worry about if they fit
or not. You can tell how old I am because I immediately
understood the David Bowie reference in these Lady Stardust earrings, and these are just
classic Stephen Webster, aren’t they? They are really edgy, they’re really cool, but
they’re really beautifully made because that’s a graduation of different colours
of sapphires, and then they’re super-flexible. de GRISOGONO never fails to get the party
started, and these Gypsy Hoop earrings are no exception. They’re big, they’re bold,
they’re exuberant, and so very sexy. I can just imagine Gina Lollobrigida wearing these
with a very low-cut dress. The Cloud 9 Nocturnal earrings by Annoushka
combine the midnight blue of lapis lazuli with a delicate little trim of diamonds. Female 1: It’s a limited series, just 24
of them, and the colour is really striking, and with… Yes, midnight blue, with some
diamonds around, the shape is really pretty. Maria Doulton: Good evening look, isn’t
it? Female 1: It’s amazing. Maria Doulton: Really glamorous, yes. Female 1: You just need blue eyes, that’s
the only problem. Maria Doulton: That could be arranged. Female 1: That’s true. Maria Doulton: I really like how these Astley
Clarke Fao hoop earrings sit on the ear because they’re constructed so that they lie outwards,
showing the beautiful colours of the London Blue topaz stone and the diamonds. I really
like these earrings because they’ve got a really lovely organic flowing shape, but
they’re still very ladylike and elegant. Right, before you buy these, make sure that
she does like bugs and that she has a taste for the unusual, because these earrings by
Dutch jeweller and sculptor Bibi Van der Velden are really rather different. They are made
out of scarab wings, which is why they have this incredible shimmer. Female 2: They’re extremely light, so they
won’t weigh down your ear, but I just think they’re made for a party. Maria Doulton: Now, Bibi assures me that no
insects were harmed in their making, and that they were all humanely sourced. Female 2: Ethical scarab beetle wing earrings.
That’s a tongue twister. [Music 0:02:19-0:02:55]
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