Funky Bead Dangle Necklace Video Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by and Today we’ll be learning
how to make this great necklace made with a whole variety of beads. It’s a wonderful
way to use up some of those left over beads in your stash and it works up very quickly. So to make this necklace, you will need some
rat tail cord. This is about a yard. You’ll also need two of these little components and
I’m showing you a couple different types that you use when you use cord to make a piece
of jewelry and this gives you a way to attach a clasp. There are these spring types and
you just slide your cord into the spring and then use pliers to squish the end of it and
it’s not going to go anywhere or you can use these which fold over. It’s got a little tooth
there to hold onto the cord and then use pliers to flatten it and that way you can put a jump
ring and a clasp on the end of that. So whichever you prefer, whichever you can find and I’ve
got all mixed metals here so I’m not really worried about whether it matches. I think
I’ll go with coil ones. You’ll also need a clasp and this one, the loop is big enough
that I don’t need a jump ring, but if you were going to use this one you would need
an additional jump ring. You will need three jump rings to connect your dangles to your
ring. You’ll need about a 1″ diameter ring. You’ll need three head pins and then an assortment
of beads and then what you’ll actually end up needing is four focal beads, four main
ones. So I have this heart, I have this barrel which has a nice large hole and you’ll see
why we need that in a minute and then I have two others. I have a pair of accent beads
for each of these three and then on this one I have a pair of accent beads, another bead
and a pair of little beads to go with that, just to make this one a little bit longer
and interesting. So start by sliding the heart onto a head
pin and like I said, just go through your stash of beads. It’s kind of fun mixing the
different metal colors. The more you have the more it all works together and make yourself
a bead dangle just like that so there’s that one and then I’ll do the same for this turquoise
bead and if you find that your beads are going to slip through the head pin, just go and
throw a seed bead on and that will keep it in place. So here we go. Those are the dangles.
I like those three. The next step is to make each of these have
a loop to hang from and the way we do that is you go ahead and grasp the wire right where
the wire comes out of the last bead with chain nose pliers and bend that at a 90 degree angle.
Grasp that bend with the round nose pliers and go ahead and wrap as far as it will go
around the round part of the round nose pliers. They’ll only be able to go up to about that
far. Reposition the round nose pliers and finish the wrap and on this one I’m actually
going to rather than trim it, I’m going to make a wrapped loop. Just leave your pliers
in, wrap that around as far as it will go, get some nice flush cut pliers, trim off the
excess. Use your chain nose pliers to tuck that end in, making sure there are no sharp
edges. So there’s one and repeat that for your other two dangles. So here I’ve gone ahead and made my three
dangles and I’ve folded my rat tail cord in half and then slid these three beads onto
the cord and this is why you need these three beads to have larger holes so that you can
slide them on and if you have a little bit of trouble, you can kind of poke it through
and then go ahead and grab the cord with a pair of chain nose pliers and pull it through
the rest of the way. So once you have your three accent beads on your cord, go ahead
and pick up your ring, slide the rat tail cord loop through the ring and then go ahead
and slide the ends back through it along with your barrel and that is how we attach that
and I’m actually going to slide the link, the upper link, the opening right where those
cross and let’s see if it stays there. Next just slide your beads down to that loop
knot that you just made and then tie an overhand knot up here right above those beads. It keeps
it in place, but it also looks interesting just to have those knots. The final step,
second to last step, the penultimate step, is to open your jump rings – fling beads about – and go ahead and connect all three of your dangles to the ring. So I’ll put the longer one with
the heart in the middle and put a shorter one on either side. Make sure your jump rings
are closed securely and that they meet. Look at it from the top and from the side and make
sure that they’re actually meeting in a perfect ring and the way you open a jump ring, now
these are big so I’m using my fingers on one side. The smaller ones you use two pair of
the chain nose pliers. Position the split at 12 o’clock, hold on the chain nose pliers,
push one side away from you while you pull the other towards you so that it’s twisted
open. Don’t ever pull it open. It just weakens and distorts it. Fiddle with that for a moment
and make sure that’s closed perfectly. Okay, the last step is to attach your little
finding and attach your lobster clasp and you have a great quick, kind of funky interesting
necklace. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Here’s another
look at the necklace we made today. Please be sure to check out for
more crafting, jewelry and sewing ideas and inspirations. Thanks for watching.

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