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Explore Jaipur | Bapu Bazar | Hawa Mahal | open2explore Jaipur Travel Vlog 1 | Shatabdi Express

Explore Jaipur | Bapu Bazar | Hawa Mahal | open2explore Jaipur Travel Vlog 1 | Shatabdi Express

Today, we are going from Delhi to Jaipur ( in Rajasthan ) by Shatabdi Shatabdi Train is till Ajmer but we will get down at Jaipur Junction. It’s 5:45 AM. Train will depart at 6:05 AM & will arrive at 10:40 Am. Shweta is with me in this trip I mentioned in the last trip that Shweta will join me in this trip. Shweta is sitting in a train & saying Hi! to you Ok then We are about to leave for a trip First time, I am travelling in this Shatabdi Train Looking good We have got the middle seat with ample space. Which is good. It’s spacious We have reached Golden Tulip Jaipur Hotel Let me tell you about Golden Tulip Hotel They have 23 hotels across India covering almost all tourist destinations One more good news We booked Junior Suite But they upgraded it to Deluxe Suite It’s a good news Let me show you the suite. Please see This is sofa You can see It’s quite big Dining area Bedroom TV It’s a washroom Hellooooo You just saw the room Deluxe Suite Now, need to get ready, have lunch & leave for the market What we can see here We will try to cover as many places as we can We are here for 3 nights So Let me make videos for you and make you see Jaipur Let’s take you to the Jaipur streets in a while Guys, we have come to Bapu Bazar in Jaipur for shopping Let’s see what Shweta is shopping? I like this neck piece Uncle quoted Rs250 but I asked for Rs100 & then he agreed on Rs150 Please show me the ring I like this ring & did not bargain for this as it’s Rs50 which is reasonable I am buying this Bangles are also there Which I like but as I don’t wear it. So, I am not buying. He has lot of variety This neck piece is beautiful. How much is it for? It’s Rs250. You are quoting it high Let me try & show you Whenever you come to Bapu Bazar in Jaipur You can visit this shop To buy junk jewelery as he has lot of designs You can see his shop is opposite to 145 shop number This one is beautiful too How much is this for? Rs 120 This one is beautiful This one is for Rs100 This one is for Rs120. Not too bad He has lot of variety. He is keep on showing. So, all of you can also see This is also elegant and light weight too You can easily carry if you are going to office, you can wear it whole day You have lot of designs. I like it I have chosen this and this ring which I am wearing As of now, I don’t want to buy earings Next time, I will buy. Thank You Uncle How much do I have to pay? Rs200 We are shopping in Bapu Bazar as you can see Fabrics, Jewelry I have just bought a ring No, thanks We can see some Kurtis here Please show what kind of Kurtis you have Friends, As you can see here are Kurtis Plazos & whole set is also available ok sir, I will see Please don’t unpack more You can see these footwear Do you have this specific shape of footwear? Any more designs? Please show me See this What it’s price range? Are they all for Rs450? Yes is there any discount? 10% discount You are quoting high price See this No, I am talking about that one Should I come barefoot? Please go inside Please sit Friends, I have come to this shop for Jaipuri Dupattas I am planning to get to suit stitched with which I can wear Jaipuri Dupatta It is always in trend as you can see Please show some more designs What’s the price range? Rs650 Are they all of same type? No more designs No more variety I am searching for some more designs Then I will see. Thanks Do you have Jaipuri Dupattas also? What’s the price range? Are these Sarees? Yes You will also get dupattas What’s the price range? Rs350 Do you have a design with more work? Which has gotta patti work Yes What’s the price range? Rs475 Ma’am More colors and designs are available This is the color Do you have more designs except Gotta Patti? Or any other design on this anything with embroidery You can get in plain design He has already shown the blue one We have in heavy range also Friends, as you can see it’s an elegant piece It’s with phulkari work It’s Rs1200. Is it a handwork? Yes elegant one If you get any plain suit stitched These dupattas look beautiful with them Looks pretty and never goes out of fashion Is it your fixed price? Price is bit high It’s handmade It takes 6 days to make 1 dupatta How many pieces do you want? I need one Please tell me the final price if it would be suitable. I will buy Which color? This one Please tell me the price first Rs1050. Sorry No We are entering in to Hawa Mahal You are watching Hawa Mahal We are in Hawa Mahal right now Let’s go upstairs and find out what’s there There are windows all around Looking like a intelligence way Let’s climb more There are no stairs, just climb the slope Keep on climbing & we have climbed approx 2 to 3 storeys More higher. Come Is there anything upstairs? Yes go Time is about to over It is opened till 6:00 PM & we have entered at 5:00 PM People are returning and we are going upstairs There is a way to go upstairs Let see there We are standing on the top of Hawa Mahal You can see hills and scenic view It’s magnificient Market downstairs You can see people there. How to reach there? Let’s go down and reach there from another way Getting ready to go upstairs These windows are upstairs too Come You can see windows here In olden days Queen used to watch from here if any function is going on the streets You can see the window Hundreds of windows are here We have seen few only Along with windows There are some little holes too Let’s see more It’s a bigger window There is a fort also on that hill You can see a view from here It’s a beautiful history Jaipur is known as Pink City We are tired after climbing so high We got little late so we were running We thought, we are late and running fast otherwise, we would have been left to see Hawa Mahal I just heard that these are Aravali hills We have read in the books but seeing it for the first time I have come to Jaipur before but didn’t explore too many places If you have not explored, don’t worry We are travelling for you Feeling good in Jaipur It’s our first day here Hawa Mahal was built by Sawai Pratap Singh in the year 1799 It is also called as Palace of Winds Guys, it’s 11:00 PM. It was a hectic day Slept at 1 last night & woke at 02:30, left home at 4:00 AM Train was scheduled for 06:00 Am and reached Jaiput at 10:40 AM Then we had lunch Did shopping & visited Hawa Mahal We are quite tired, have had our dinner Shweta is saying she will watch Big Boss I said, it’s ok. No worries We watch Big Boss at home. So, we will watch it here too We will have tea at 12 and will sleep at 1 And need to wake up at 7:00 Am tomorrow Tomorrow is again a hectic day As need to show you the whole Jaipur See you tomorrow. Till then Take Care Bbyeeeeessssss

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