Elegant Lighting Geneva Twenty-Five-Inch Pendant

Hello, I’m Amber � and welcome to Bellacor
Spotlight. When the past and present merge amazing things
can happen. That’s certainly true of this Urban Polished
Nickel Pendant with Royal Cut Crystal. From Elegant Lighting’s Urban Classic family,
this is a traditional chandelier suspended in a sphere.
It pairs well with other the table and floor lamps in this Urban collection as well.
Its crystals reflect prisms of light in circular and rectangular shapes.
The pendant is a feast for the eyes, and testament to the compromise of old and new in lighting.
Hang it in a room where the most eyes get to see it.
Your dining room. Your living room. It all works because the fixture shines bright in
more ways than one. With a 120-inch rod, the fixture can be displayed
at various heights and is idea for high ceilings. It takes 6 bulbs and the crystals may ship
separately. This pendant may take a little extra time
to assemble, but it’s more than worth the effort.
Because when Elegant Lighting created this piece, they created a work of art.

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