Easy DIY Necklace Pendant /DIY Jewelry Accessories Tutorial/Wire Wrapped and Beading Girl Pendant

Hey guys welcome to my handcraft video Today im going to show how to make this pendant, it is a girl with two wings wearing a colourful dress With your own chain, this necklace is suitable to go with your casual clothes. it is an easy wire and beading costume jewellry making process. Today i am going to use 20 gauge and 24 gauge wire, round nose plier, flat chain nose plier and side cutter glass pearl and crystal, and small colorful beads. First cut 20 gauge wire around thirty to forty centimeters, i will call this one as A then cut 4 pieces of 24 gauge wire around 20 to 25 centimeters. I will call each of them as B Then use round nose plier to make a loop of B then put A through B use flat chain nose plier to press the end to wrap around A, we are making the bottom of the dress now then place one small pearl on the left and use the same way to wrap another B on the left of the pearl, place another small pearl on the left then add one crystal bead on the right, and wrap another B place a small pearl on the right again finally place the last B and the last pearl, so that’s the bottom of the dress, move these beads to the middle of the A, then bend the two sides to stop the movement of the beads. Ok so we gonna do the colourful beading to finish the dress. Its super easy, just use beads in different colours for each B wire. the beading will present the length of the dress. So i will skip this easy part, after beading, just open the wires into two strings then wrap them together, i will do that twice to make it solid, press in a B wire from each side to the middle, press them together and place a small pearl, then place a large pearl as the head, turn the end of one B wire through the big pearl to create the loop for pendant so we can put through a chain as a necklace, then use the end to wrap tightly on the wire that under the big pearl, cut the rest and use flat chain nose plier to press the end in to avoid scratches. the B wire on top the big pearl need more colourful beads to be a flower-crown-like decoration, after beading just wrap it around the head, than wrap the rest of the wire tightly under the beading part cut the wire and use chain nose plier to press in the end. Im going to make wings for the girl, cut a bit of the A wire because i think i need it shorter use round nose plier to make swirl shape for the wing use pliers to adjust the shape , do the same for the other side, adjust the two sides to make them look similar. with the B wire, im going to create a second layer of the wing, bend it to create a nice shape and wrap the rest tightly , cut the extra, and press in the end, do the same for the other side, just adjust the wires to make it look better and even. so that’s the finished look, with your own chain ,the necklace can match with casual clothes, so hope you guy like this video, ,please contact me if you want my design for your own commercial use, thank you so much for watching, i will see you next time.xoxo

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