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Easy DIY: How to Make Wire Wrapped Flower Necklace with Pearl/3D Wire Wrapped Flower Earrings

Easy DIY: How to Make Wire Wrapped Flower Necklace with Pearl/3D Wire Wrapped Flower Earrings

Hey guys, welcome back Today I will demonstrate how to make these wire wrapped flower jewelries. First i will show how to make the jewelry components for today’s projects: they are wire wrapped 6-petal flower and 3D flower ear wire So let’s start I will use 20 gauge wire, flush cutter, round nose plier, nose plier. One or two ear wires, Swarovski 4mm crystal bicones in cystal AB colour a clasp and some jump rings. Swarovski white pearls in 6mm and 8mm. Some loose chain, and a needle file I will use my eyeliner pencil and eyebrow pencil to wrap the flowers, the blue pencil is about 8mm diameter and the brown pencil’s diameter is about 9mm I will take the 20 gauge wire to warp tightly on the brown pencil, make about 7 to 8 coils, so it’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 cut off this part, this is for the 6 petal flower of the necklace same way to wrap it on the blue pencil, this part is for the 6 petal flower of the earring take it out from the pencil, i will use my right thumb to press it from my right to my left, stretch the coils little by little, make the them as even as possible this takes a bit of time the loops on the two ends are easy to get changed so that’s why we need extra coils for this 6-petal flower. It looks like the flower shape now I start to trim off the excess wire, this is a good point to trim the wire, and here too. Now we have 7 petals i am going to stretch the loops again to make the extra loop totally stand out, i will cut from here, tidy up the petals first then you see from the side the first and the last petals stay too far away, i will bring this half loop on the back to the front, reshape this loop looks OK now then let this front half loop go to the back tidy up this loop same way to finish the 6 petal flower that was wrapped by the brown pencil, which will be a bigger flower than this one So that’s the how I made the 6-petal wire flower Let’s move to 3D flower ear wire,  wrap on the blue pencil with the wire, make 9 coils, leave about 2 to 3cm tail, it’s easier than the first flower making, cut it off just separate the coils to make a flower shape except the tail part, there will be 7 petals, we have one extra coil so you see the extra coil trim it off, and even the spaces again, lift the tail you can keep a long tail here i will just make it a bit shorter, take the flat nose plier to bend the end of the tail so it looks like a normal ear wire hook, take needle file to smoothen the end, so it won’t scratch skin. We have finished the 3D flower ear wire Next i will cut off 2 pieces of chain, 4cm each, then a piece of 6cm chain, and 2 pieces of 18cm chain, which is half of the necklace length I need, take a piece of 20 gauge wire I have made marks on my round nose plier, so i will make the same sized loops later first make a loop by placing the wire close to the mark, center the loop, place two crystal bicones and one 8mm white pearl between them bend the wire and use the same mark place to make a loop, trim off the excess wire, We have finished an easy link same way to make two more links and another two links with 6mm pearl between the crystals, now we have 5 pearl links, connect one 8mm pearl link with the 6cm chain, open a jump ring , connect the chain with the 6 petal flower that was wrapped by the brown pencil, close the jump ring Then connect the 6mm pearl links with the flower, should be one petal away from the chain part we have just finished, next connect two pieces of 18 cm chain with the 6mm pearl links, add one jump ring on the other end of one 18cm chain then one jump ring and the clasp on the other 18cm chain, so we have finished the necklace let’s see the earrings Open the loop on the ear wire, connect with the 6 petal flower wrapped by the blue pencil attach one 4cm chain with a jump ring to the petal on the opposite side of the flower, add an 8mm pearl link on the other end of the chain, so we have finished one earring design: the 6-petal wire flower earring, you can make a pair or go with our next 3D wire flower earring just attach the other 4cm chain to the flower ear wire and connect with the 8mm pearl link we have finished the second earring design That’s all for today’s video, really hope you enjoy the tutorial thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time x

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  1. Very pretty n very well n clearly explained n shown. She is very kind to share her skills w others.tqsm. 😊👍👏👏

  2. Thank you so very much,very nice craftsmanship on the necklace assembly. Thank you for answering a question that's been puzzling me. God Bless

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing Greta. I’ve been looking for a tutorial just like this for a long time. I love the Y shape. Can’t wait to try this one. Awesome!

  4. Hey DEAR I love this.. so much

    let me know from where i get these Raw material….plz help….i would like to make it for myself..
    m so excited

  5. súper bellos ya soy tu fan super bien replicado y muy fácil de hacer gracias por compartir

  6. Hi Greta….lovely design and very pleasant video…..what do you do with the end product? sell or keep? and if sell where do you sell them? thank you again

  7. Very beautiful.
    But especially the one with rings, if the wire is not beaten with a hammer, does it remain a little weak*.?

    *I don't know if it's the right word, I translated with Google 😋

  8. Beautiful and delicate project, thank you for sharing your knowledge and for your valuable time. Cordial greetings from Bogotá Colombia. 🙂👏👏👏

  9. delicately beautiful.. i will try this.. many thanks for sharing your creativity x edited to add, i also love the 3D flower earings too

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