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Easy Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids : Making a Beaded Necklace: Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids

Easy Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids : Making a Beaded Necklace: Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids

Hi! I am Debbie with Expert and
I am here today to show you some really fun ways to work on not only fine motor skills,
you can work on maths skills, counting, patterning, anything you can think of and you can tie
this in with your Thanksgiving learning with your young learner on the types of jewelery
that the Native Americans wore and what they might wear to their first thanksgiving. This
happens to be a thanksgiving activity that they were working on today, but again it can
be anytime, anywhere a great fine motor eye-hand coordination activity. What you will need
at your local craft store you can buy, this one happens to be made with the plastic type
string, which works great. This is the leather, more authentic looking type of string. I like
this one a little bit better because when you are talking about the Native Americans
they used animal skin, they used the different parts of the animals to make their clothing
and make their jewelery, and so this one looks just a little more authentic. Not to mention
the slick string is a little hard for the little ones, they will get all their beads
on and then let go of it and they will all fly off. This one they stay on a little bit
better so it is a little less frustrating for the little ones. First of all, you are
going to need also some beads from your local craft store. First I talked to my kids that
Native American didn’t have plastic beads from the craft store. They used shells and
they used animal bones and things like that to make their jewelery, they dyed it different
colors to make it colorful. We are pretending and we are using our beads. As part of your
math instruction for the day, if you are so inclined, we talk about making a patten and
making a plan before they make their necklace. So what I have my children do, first of all,
put their beads in a divided dish, they are not going to get mixed up and they are not
going to spill, ask your child, how they want to design their necklace and it is completely
up to them. You can talk about the kind of pattern you want to make, so we can first
make our pattern, I am going to do three reds, two blacks, three yellows and there is my
pattern. Now I ask my child to repeat that pattern, so what would come next; three reds,
two blacks, and three yellows, so that pattern would repeat itself, and I would have my child
to make the pattern probably about the length of this mat, you don’t want it too long,
and we would continuing repeating the pattern. Then when we get our string and the beauty
of this string is that your beads are not going to fall off and again those fine motor
skills are working, working, working. Their eye-hand coordination getting the bead on
the string is such a great activity for young kids. So they would continue beading until
they got all their beads on, and we would tie it up, and they would have a beautiful
necklace for girls or boys because we know the Native American men wear lots of jewelery
as well, and you could end up in something like this.

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