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EAR Earrings — LÜT #26

EAR Earrings — LÜT #26

A bird house that looks like a
surveillance camera and Mister Spock-topus.
It’s episode 26 of LÜT.
Now, here’s a perfume designed to make you smell like a book. And Generate offers a limited edition life wall clock.
It’s just like a normal clock, except slowed down by a factor of 61,320. Every number represents a year and it’s meant to go around once in
the average person’s life. Keep your head warm by making your own
knitted brain hat, but if you prefer ears, put some ears on your ears, or around your neck, or on your finger, or how about a mouth? In fact, just get a nose ring.
No, no, no. A nose ring.
Fifty Shades of Grey Learn them. Seriously.
Here’s a poster delineating fifty shades of grey.
And these plates are perfect for finger food, because they are finger sized. Now, if you’re going to be making
sandwiches, use this crust cutter to turn it into two dolphins and a heart.
If it’s too early for sandwiches, simply be a cereal killer.
Tuxedo ring, emoticon rings, inflatable Cthulhu arm or or this touching little number.
Two rings that come attached at the middle.
You snap them apart, so that you and one other person have perfectly matching, unique two-of-a-kind rings. Time moves under this watch’s face, crossing the red present line. Now, you can’t see the future and the past is gone, faded away.
For lunch, carry your sandwiches in disguise bags. And rock in a rocking
chair designed to generate electricity while you rock … paper, scissors necklaces are cool and sausage neck
pillows are even better. When you fall asleep, don’t do it alone, with these sheets which have a fake little dog on them to
keep you company. The goofy eyes on this clock tell you the time. The one on your left looks to be hour
and the other looks at the minute. This gumball tastes like apple cobbler, but it’s just the desert in your TV dinner gumset. These two are flavored like roast beef
and buttered corn. And these envelopes are fruit-flavoured,
when you lick them to stick them. Oh look, a bathroom mist designed to smell like a baby’s head. Here’s a special
thermally insulated bag that’s great for transporting wine, but it looks like a cheap paper bag. And you can frighten people
when you sip from your cracked mug, full of death wish coffee. A special roast guaranteed to be the strongest coffee you’ve ever tasted.
Both in terms of flavor and caffeine content. Your iPhone can snap into this little
guy to become your pet and these urine sample bottles contain a delicious yellow liquid candy. Quiet down the
baby with a pacifiers that puts a mustache under his nose. This straw building kit
allows you to make your own custom straws for mixing and sharing drinks and these straws give you a kissy face.
Of course, make sure you’re fancy and use these fine disposable paper cups. Or use an R2-D2 mug or glasses designed to express each one of the seven deadly sins.
For instance, pride, sloth, gluttony, wrath. Here’s a company that will take two
photos of your head and use them to print a 3D action figure head of your face. The smallest size can be used on LEGO dudes. Or look, just use this backpack that
turns into a basketball hoop.
Or this goopy mud that changes color with your mood and why roll your sushi when you could
pack up this device and a have a sushi bazooka?
Here’s a fun free thing. Desktop Gremlins offers easy to build
templates for fun paper creations – video game characters, books, movies. He even made a special YouTube Space Lab papercraft, because on September 13th the winning experiments will be done in outer space live, right here on YouTube.
Ok, finally, let’s get beard-y.
A beard for your Apple, lavender beard conditioner, beard love buttons and last, but not least, a beer/beard cozy. Amazing, right?
Well, for more cool things you can actually own I highly suggest watching Naomi Kyle’s show Cheap Cool Crazy. It’s on IGN’s channel START,
which is full of original programming for nerds like us.
Oh and, and, as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. I want the brain hat, ear earrings, custom straws, and lickable flavoured envelopes!! Also the dog iphone holder!(even tho i dont have an iphone)

  2. ╔╦╦
    ╠╬╬╬╣ CRENCH
    ╠╬╬╬╣ CRUNCH

    ╠╬╬╬╣ CRANCH

    ╠╬╬╬╣ CHRINCH

    ╚╩╩╩ CHRONCH


  3. At my school we sent stuff to space through a program, it was months and months of work, only for it to get destroyed on the way

  4. Hello we are TodayWeGame it would be amaaaazzzing if you could check out our channel (we do gaming and challenges!!!!) please and thank you

  5. This sandwich doesn't have turkey in it doesn't have turkey in it!!! Fricken get it right son of a cow! Lol PewDiePie watch Jabba the Hutt

  6. You know, I remember when Vsauce used to make videos on scientific discussions instead of promoting other companies' products.

  7. Rewatchin all the LÜTs and WOW both LÜT and YouTube have come a long way. Look at that 2012 format. I did enjoy some of the old formats better tho.

  8. you guys did the death wish coffee on two episodes… this isnt the first item repeated either. also was the cereal killer spoon…

  9. my sister once bought a book called "destroy this book" you do what the book tells you to do on each page like "smear honey on this page"

  10. Micheal: "…Rock, paper scissors-"
    Computer: out of battery ok shutting down bye


    true story

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