Dragonfly Blue Earrings Tutorial

Hi there. Sandy here. Welcome to another jewelry making video at Today I’m going to show you how you can use
a few beads along with some dagger beads to make these really cute dragonfly earrings. So here you can see I have one of the dragonfly
earrings already made and if you want to make one, you can certainly just make one and wear
as a pendant. So what you’ll need are some of these for
the wings. These are 15.5mm by 5mm glass dagger beads. This color is called Iris Blue and they’re
Caech beads and I’ll have a link to where you can find these on the blog post that accompanies
this video. You’ll find that link in the description box
and also in the upper right. And then you’ll need a few other beads to
go along with your wings. A larger bead for the head, this one’s an
8mm roundel. Some 4mm, some spacers. I’m using a small silver bead for the base
of the dragonfly. And you’ll need some bead stringing wire. A little bit of this will show so you want
to choose a bead stringing wire that’s kind of light weight like one of these .015″ ones
and also one that’s kind of pretty. Like this is a bright silver and I’ve got
here about 6″ of bead stringing wire and I’m just going to slide on this little 4mm silver
bead and then I’m going to slide on these blue beads. Some of these blue beads that I’m using for
the tail of the dragonfly. Depending on the ones you choose, probably
5-6 will do and you’re going to put those on both strands of wire. There’s another reason I chose a lighter weight
stringing wire so that I can get both strands through my beads. And try to get this silver bead at the end
to sit right centered. It may want to slide to one side. So I’ve gone ahead and added five of my crystals
and also a little silver spacer, just because, and now you’re going to need some seed beads. These are either 10s or 11s. You want fairly small seed beads. What? Oh hello! That’s my cat. It’s hot here and he’s complaining. Saying hello, wondering why I’m talking to
you and not to him. So anyways, so seed beads. I’ve got some little iridescent blue ones
in this mix and I was saying these are either 10s or 11s. I’m not sure what size, but they’re smaller
than 8s and what you want, you can see how they’re sitting side by side above that spacer. They’re not crowding each other out. You want them small enough to do that. So you slide a seed bead onto each wire and
then onto each wire you slide one of your daggers. Another seed bead, another dagger and another
seed bead. And so there are the wings of the dragonfly
and now onto both wires I’m going to slide my larger bead for the dragonfly’s head and
then onto both wires slide a crimp. Now you remember all those times I’ve told
you when we’re making jewelry that when you put on your crimp that you don’t want to crimp
your beads too tight? Well this is the place where we’re going to
break that rule. If we don’t crimp it tightly, you can see
these wings are just going to flop around and it won’t look much like a dragonfly. So we need to crimp this crimp as tightly
as possible against this bead in order to keep the wire stiff and to keep the wings
in position. It also may give the piece just a little bit
of a curve, which only adds to the feeling of a dragonfly. I found I couldn’t get in here tightly enough
with my One Step Crimper so I’m just using regular crimping pliers and I’m going to press
right against that head bead and pull. I’m pulling very hard on these wires before
I squeeze with the crimping pliers. Give it a good squeeze and then you can put
it in the oval part on the tip and flatten it. Grab that head bead and just give it a tug
and make sure nothing is going to come apart. Then you can trim away one of these wires. Slide another crimp onto that remaining wire
and slide it down and put the end of the wire back through the crimp. We’re just going to use this to leave a loop
here. You can see on this one, just a loop that
will go through the ear wire is all. So somewhere maybe around 1/8″ long and then
you can just go ahead and flatten that crimp as well. I’ll grab my pliers and test to make sure
that’s nice and secure and then trim that excess wire and add the ear wire. Now if you’re interested int he supplies I
used in this project, there’s a link in the upper right and also in the description box
to go to the accompanying blog post. And if you’re new here and haven’t already
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