Dragon Eye Pendant Part 2

so the dragon eye pendant has been cured and cooled completely whenever you’re working with glass that you don’t get any water on it while it’s still hot because it will crack the glass so before you paint it because it’s going to involve some water let it cool down completely so the first thing I’m going to do is antique it and I like a mixture of black and brown -black I find a little too strong sometimes- brown just just leaves me wanting more so I’m going to use a mixture of both and that’s just a craft paint the brown i’m using is asphaltum and the black is just a deco art black -so I’m going to squeeze a little bit onto a surface some other colors I might be using and I never really know until I start painting what I’m gonna need I’m very fond of these lumiere paints their wonderful metallic shiny they adhere really really well so I may use them if I do I’m going to bake it in the oven again for another 10-15 minutes to set the color it seems to help I’m going to use Inca Gold -I have one in platinum and this one is in green yellow and they’re nice shiny metallic paints and I may use guilders paste in German silver it’s my favorite color and like I say I just kind of make this up as I go along so you’re going to need water and stiff brush and I’m going to mix some of the black and some of the brown together and have a piece of paper towel handy and a moist baby wipe handy to take it off with and I don’t I just go ahead and cover everything it’s a small pendant so you can cover the whole thing without having to to worry about it drying off before you have a chance to wipe it off -so you I’m using a good stiff brush because i want to force that paint right down into any little crevices. I’ll just put a little on the back I’ll just wipe that off after -its going to get on the back anyways just from handling it so may as well make it work for me ok so I can give that a second to put the brush in the water and I’m going to use a baby wipe to wipe off my hands before I pick it up again. you don’t have to be in a big hurry to take that of,f and I like taking it off at first with a piece of paper towel rather than a baby wipe. The baby wipe actually takes off almost too much. we’ll give that a second or two to set up a wee bit no more than a minute okay little storage problem with the camera so hopefully I caught most of what I’ve done I’m going to go ahead now and use the Lumiere paints and I’m going to apply them with a brush I want this to be fairly dry so I’m just gonna take a little bit of the paint and actually take some of it off on a brush or paper towel rather, and just stroke lightly over top of it right here it’s going to be very very subtle I’m just hitting the top edges maybe we’ll try different color the Green’s not showing that much this copper is halo pink gold gorgeous color for a little bit of that purple color purple is of halo violent gold. I’ll brush some of that over the little warts on the bottom lid- you could go crazy painting these- there’s no rules this is the bronze color it’s probably plenty of color so I’m going to put a little bit of Gilders paste on it Just because I like to. – so this one is a solvent-based product and when it starts to dry out to put mineral spirits in it and just let it soak in I’ve had this pot for probably about 10 years this one is german silver and it’s just such a nice soft almost like this soft as gold bronze silvery color it’s hard to describe -its a great color it gives a nice metallic sheen to the whole piece if you need to get in and paint some of the crevices and stuff like that you can use a brush or you can use a cotton swab I want to get down in here and just get a little hint of that color. If you’re going to use a brush on this, you’re going to have to clean the brush out with mineral spirits afterwards I’ll do this part with my finger and I’ll wipe the eye off because I got some of that on the eye.- so the Gilders paste you let it dry for 10-15 minutes and then you can buff with a soft cloth if I get any on the eye that won’t come off, it will come off with a cotton swab and some mineral spirits- everything comes off these glass eyes ok so I would say that was done. I’m gonna let it sit for a little bit- I might pop it in the oven at maybe at 200F degrees for about 10 minutes that will help set all the paint then after that I’m going to give it a spray with preserve your memories that’s pymII.- I love this spray it just it really works well – I could choose to use I like the golden matte varnish for the one with the UV protection in it -that works really well too because I’d- these paints are kind of shiny on their own so I don’t really want to add a whole lot of gloss to the project if I’m going to give it a spray which I usually do -soon as I spray it on take up a little bit of a cloth and I wipe off the eye before the spray adheres to the eye. if you miss that you can scrape it off it’s not really a big deal but that’s basically what I’m going to do and then after that I just take a pendant back and some crazy glue and my favorite krazy glue with gorilla superglue I can’t get in the gel here, I hear the gel works even better but I haven’t had any issues with this at all so a little bit of crazy glue on the back of that- put the pendant hanger-on center it the way you want it and it’s ready to to be worn so I’ll the get a photo of this after it’s all done and thanks ever so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it and please subscribe to my channel i guess I’ll be making a few more of these, going on holidays for now so it’ll be a month or two before I get back into my studio but thanks for watching- Bye!

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