Dollhouse Ceiling Chandelier that really works – Light Pendant from tea lights – no wiring needed

Hello. I am going to make two light fixtures for the dollhouse This is the inspiration for the first one I purchased 2 tea lights for $0.99. I don’t want to spend more than one dollar on each So I’ll be utilizing items that I have at home Remove the tab to make sure that it works properly decorative tape to wrap around it nail polish, of similar color to the tape for the top and the bottom This particular tape is the same width as the tea light Make sure all the edges adhere to the tea light Apply one coat of the nail polish to the side that has the light Allow it to dry and apply a second coat try to make a texture and allow it to dry cut a circle of cardboard. This is going to be used to conceal the backside of the tea light Apply one coat of nail Polish Once finished allow it to dry then apply a second coat texturing it and allow to dry I’m using the tape ring to allow me to work without damaging the light bulb With hot glue. I am attaching A necklace extender that I had around the house. I have many of them, and I never use them punch a circle in the center of the cardboard So that you can slide the chain through it. and all the way down, and it will conceal the backside as well as the on and off button With hot glue, add any embellishments that you wish. I happen to have these beads here, and because there are similar color I decided to use them You can glue the chain directly onto the ceiling or you can use a magnet The cardboard will allow you to turn the lamp on and off and it will also allow you to change the battery when it’s time to do so This lamp would be perfect for a scale of 1:6 and it’s beautiful. This is the inspiration for the second one. I am going to be using tie-it-all, all purpose ties Also, nail polish, this is a softer color to give it some opalescence quality Apply one coat all around it And allow it to dry Apply a second coat just to give it some texture Repeat the same process on the side of the tea light that has the light Time to cut the tie-it-all ties And I’m going to be cutting strips that contain four crystals These are going to be the crystals I’ll cut four of them Next I will cut strips that only have three crystals And now I am cutting strips that only have two crystals Now that it’s dry. I am going to add some crystal embellishments around the tea light Those tiny little legs on the backside, I will trim them Because this one is going to be attached to the ceiling And I want it to be flat add a piece of magnet Make sure that it does not obstruct the on and off button and that you also can remove the battery compartment With hot glue, I’m going to start in the center with the longest strips Hold them in place until they are perfectly glued on Now continue with the strips that only have three crystals And work your way around the chandalier And last are the strips that only have two crystals repeat the same process and work your way around This is what it looks like now. I will no longer call it the light because now it’s a dollhouse chandelier Let’s review. This is what they look like now. daytime and Nighttime. If these are too big for your dollhouse Stay tuned next week I’ll be posting another video that has smaller sizes in the next week even smaller ones without having to wire them This is the Chandelier and then at night If you like what you see, please leave your comments and feel free to share the video and thank you very much for watching

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