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diy VSCO necklaces!! how to make a pearl choker, how to make a cowrie shell choker

diy VSCO necklaces!! how to make a pearl choker, how to make a cowrie shell choker

mUusiCcc coolest intro on the planet hey guys, it’s peyton and today we’re going to be making vsco themed necklaces So what I’m doing now is measuring out how long I need to cut my string It is a little bit over 13 inches But obviously I have to account for these knots I made here because that’s going to take some length off So I think that and I’m going to make it like 15 inches So this is what the cord looks like now, it’s really curly and stuff. Oh as you can see It straightens out when you work with it and wear it So what you want to do next is take your pearl or any sort of bead that you want on your necklace and you’re just going to thread it through the end and put it to the middle take the measuring tape again and Measure exactly what the middle is or at least a little bit close to it. Take it and pinch The cord and the pearl together so that it does not move and then with my other hand, I’m going to wrap this cord And I’m going to make a knot you make a little circle and then put the end through And it’s a little bit difficult with one hand, but you can get it So now that I’ve done this I want to like measure again to make sure It’s up to seven and a half mark. And then what you want to do is just push The knot towards the pearl so that it doesn’t move across the necklace So keep pushing it while you’re tightening it so that it stays as close as possible And then once it’s fully tightened, it shouldn’t move this way So now that you’ve done this you have one knot on one side. You want to make a knot on the other side so do this by holding it like this so that it doesn’t move and Then you want to make the same exact knot. So you want to put a circle and then put the end through the hole and Then with your knot you’re going to keep pushing it down as you’re tightening it towards the pearl So make sure you keep pushing it towards the pearl Tightening it. So now that it’s tight. You have the pearl in and as you can see It’s definitely not really moving, but only wear it you don’t notice So if you have a little bit of gap, don’t worry now, we basically have our necklace the first thing that you need is cord crimps it attaches so the cord lays in between this little Spot here and at the end there’s two little plates and then you squish with a crimp tool or pliers or anything that you can find and you squish this down and squish this down to tighten it and then It has a hole in the end so you can attach it to a jump ring So you’re going to need two of these, one for each end. So now what you’re gonna do this is pretty tricky So you might need help doing this. So you want to put the cord into the crimp like this now I’m gonna try to do it as easily as possible so you can see So you’re gonna put a cord into the crimp making sure it doesn’t peek out as you can see right here But making sure that it’s not like halfway through But making sure it’s almost to the top. so now that you’ve done that you’re going to squish it So this takes a lot of work and this is the part that’s probably the most tricky is squishing the cord into the crimps I’m just Taking the end of the cord and holding it down with my nail while I’m crimping So obviously you’re gonna be very careful about this and so i’m gonna take one side at a time and just squish it down And then I’m gonna flatten it out So as you can see, we have one side crimped and then obviously do the other side so that it’s very secure You’re gonna squish it as much as you can So when you’re doing this by yourself it’s a lot harder and then to make sure to just tug on it a little bit So it doesn’t fall out and it’s very very secure And as you can see mine is peeking out a little bit, but that’s because I had to hold it with my fingernail it’s fine if it’s peeking out a little bit like this because you can still Attach the jump ring onto it. So now you just have to do the same exact thing to the other end And I’m going to try to get this on camera as well And make sure you can tug on it And obviously there’s a little peeking out, but that’s going to keep it more secure That was the hardest part of making this necklace is putting the crimps on the next step you need two jump rings So as you can see, they’re closed. So what you want to do literally with my hands. I’m going to bend it Just a little bit Just so that I can get it through the crimp. So I didn’t see I’m gonna take my crimp I’m just gonna put it through this jump ring right here Like that and then all you have to do That’s literally all you have to do for this step So then now you’re going to need the clasp extenders or you can buy clasp and chain separately So you’re only gonna need one of these So as you can see, there’s already jump rings and crimps that come with this but this crimp is not suited for this project or at least it didn’t work with me. the jump ring and I want to bend it so I can Detach the jump ring from the clasp and the chain We’re only using the clasp and the extender which is the chain so you can literally use any chain like chain from an old necklace or anything so the only thing we’re gonna be using is this chain and This little clasp you’re going to take the chain and take one end of the jump ring So one end of the necklace has a jump ring on it and you haven’t closed it yet so you can literally take the end of the chain and put It through the jump ring And that’s all you have to do you want to take the other side with the jump ring take your clasp and put it through that hole and That’s all you have to do. This is closing off the jump rings. This part is pretty tricky as well So I like to do is my hands to line it up So I just fiddle and then line it up as you can see on the top they’re lined up Then I take my crimping tool and I push the edges together and so as you can see if you put it with too much force it like does that and that’s just not Pretty looking so I what I do is just push it down again And I also like to take you can see there’s spikes on this So I like to take the spikes straight to the jump ring so that it kind of meshes it together So now as you can see the jump ring is completely closed off and then with my hands I want to fiddle around and Put it straight together. And so as you can see there’s still a little bit of a slit in there So that’s what we’re going to close off. So be very careful So now this crimp *jump ring* is completely closed So that’s how you make a pearl choker The three pearl one is a little bit trickier Since you have to fit three pearls, pearls on there and have them not move while you’re putting the knots That’s why there’s a little bit of gap on this one But the one pearl one is a little bit easier and I didn’t see this one’s a lot straighter and not curled like this, but when you wear it uncurls and stuff Now I’m making a Cowrie shell pendant necklace So what I’m going to do is measure out thirteen and a half inches And this is the shortest that I want my necklace because when we add the chain and everything it is going to become Longer you’re going to obviously need two crimps as usual and for this one you’re going to need three jump rings and then one clasp extender or one clasp and one chain So the first thing that I’m going to do is just take off the extra jump rings and crimps off of here Like I usually do with my other ones Piece of chain, a clasp, three jump rings, and two crimps so first you want to take one of the jump rings and you’re going to open it you can do this with your hands or A crimping tool. So now that I’ve opened it what you want to do is take the Cowrie shell and Insert this through the hole So those doesn’t wanna allow it to kind of like dangle more instead of be really stiff Which I like the dangly pendants that you can kind of like adjust and stuff so now that you’ve done that all you have to do is put it through the hole and then close the jump ring so you can close the jump ring right anywhere on the Necklace because then you can just adjust it to where you want it So now we’ve done that we have it attached to the Necklace and you can obviously like take it off. So now I have done that It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle because obviously when you gravity hits its gonna go in the middle Then you’re going to do the crimps Okay, so first I put one of these brown beads on and then I’m going to put a Cowrie shell so mine only has like a little hole but using a different method with like two different pieces of string you can use the ones with the Back in it. But since I have the ones with the hole I got these from Hobby Lobby It’s a little bit harder to like thread it through but you don’t need as much string with this method And then as you can see, there’s our first shell and bead. So now I’m going to put another bead And then I’m going to put another shell and I’m going to keep going with this process So now I’m using hot glue to secure everything since I’m not using These it doesn’t have like holes on either side Has holes on one side. So that means when you hold it like this It’s gonna do that. You don’t want it to do that obviously. So what I’m going to do is dab a little bit of hot glue. right On the end of the Cowrie shell and then I’m going to place the thread into it And then I’m going to secure it with another very tiny dab of hot glue my hot glue wiping off the excess and then keeping the thread in there and putting a little dab of hot glue on there So now that’s dry, this is not many really moving that much so then you just push the bead to it And then it will keep that secure and then you’re going to do that with the same with this one So you want to push it all the way to the end Someone make sure to where I want it. Okay. So now I’m going to show you again So as you can see, you see the little bit of hot glue you barely even notice it So that’s what you want to do to this one But this one’s if I made a little bit different so you’re not going to hot glue it to this Little bead right here. You want to push it to the bead But leave a little room just so it can be a little bit more flexible So you want to do it like that so that you can still see the bead in the front And then once you have it or you want it so this is where I want it So now you have two so now what I want to do is push this to the end again And then I’m going to take the string and just hold it where I wanted So now that’s pretty much dry you want to take the bead and put it all the way To the shell. I’m going to take the shell Okay, so that now you’re done Attaching the beads and shells to your necklace Same exact thing So I hope you guys like this video and these are all of the necklaces that I made so if you guys Found this helpful, or if you made any of these then just tag me on instagram on one of your pictures Anyways, I hope you guys found this helpful And if you did just a thumbs up comment down below for more suggestions, and I’ll see you guys in my next video

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  1. You can monetize your hobby. But up your game. Add colorful stone beads, and silver beads. Think like a Navajo.

  2. This video was extremely helpful I’m going to volcano bay this Sunday and I want to have one of those necklaces and I need to buy it in store so thank you so much

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