DIY Two 📿Chokers show ~n~ tell tutorial ideas💕

hi everybody I know it’s been a while
since I’ve been here doing DIY tutorials and crafts sorry about that you know the
holidays came the last time I didn’t he was around October but I have some
downtime and I finally created a lot of new jewelry as you can see necklaces
earrings so I hope you’ll join me keep watching this video I’m gonna show you a
bunch of new jewelry ideas that you can make at home it’s affordable fast very
easy so join me now and get started okay so I had some downtime after the
holidays I know I didn’t do a lot of creating around August I kind of stopped
after all my giveaways and things I was busy doing a lot of other stuff and the
holidays were coming up and I started my paranormal blogs and I was doing reviews
for myself and other companies and I also got new braces so I’m just bringing
that out there in case you haven’t seen my other videos where I announced that
if my teeth look weird I have braces they’re in there they have a clear
Invisalign and I have attachments on my teeth that attach to the attachments on
the braces so I’ll probably have this in for a year so if my teeth look different
that’s like alright so I’m gonna get started now because I had some downtime
I created a bunch of things so I have this shirt on sorry if it’s a little
low-cut but I did a review on this shirt and another shirt that I got the
Christmas from Venus catalog so if you want if you haven’t already seen it go
check that out that’ll be in my other playlists my second playlist in reviews
and this shirt and it’s a glittery one with so you’ll see this and another one
that I got for Christmas from Venus okay so now I made this choker and I’ll be
showing you that and I’m gonna show you a bunch of these and then later I’ll
make some tutorials so you’ll know how to make it as well because this will be
a long video and probably the three for parter or maybe two and three because I
want to show you each one and explain how you can make it okay
so join me now and let’s get started okay so my first show-and-tell jewelry
idea is this choker now all I did was buy some lace from believe this was
Hobby Lobby so I put some lace from Hobby Lobby it has a little design and
it’s just lace ribbon and it comes to the package where it’s like doubled
twice but they’re actually one long connection they even if you’re not gonna
use the whole thing that’s okay because if you’re making it to give his gifts
itself you could do that and it was really easy to make all you needed was
the lace some chains some dangly little teardrop beads and some jump rings and
this I created it’s a combination of three things and I’ll get into how I did
that but this is an idea so what I did was I took the ribbon and I cut about a
length like this now you can measure but sometimes I don’t bother measuring I
want to see what it looks like so I took a piece like this because it’s better to
cut it a little extra long because it’s easier when you go longer to make it
shorter than when it’s short you can’t make it longer so I took it and then I
went in front of the mirror and I felt where it ended in the back on both sides
and now you could take a clip or a piece of tape and then take it back to your
working table and I just effects that you could do it fancy if you’re gonna
make it to give as gifts or so I did it really quick and I should do
with the proper way by giving the crimps the clamping crypts that you put on the
ends or the clasps but if you’re in a rush or you don’t really care and it’s
just for you I just put a jump ring on one side a big enough one and on the
other side I put another jump ring attached to a regular lobster-claw clamp
and that’s how I did it because it has lace in those holes and I
just followed that but and I cut the excess off but if you want to do with
the proper way you’re going to measure you’re going to feel first where it ends
on your neck and you want to go a little extra and then you get those clamps and
when you get those crimping clamps you put on the ends if I can find a picture
I’ll insert it in here what I’m talking about one side will be for the attaching and
one side will be the clamp and what you want is a little chain because when it
comes to chokers if you’re going to make them for other people other than
yourself are like a gift or to sell the issue with that is people might have be
heavier and have a bigger neck people have different sizes it might not be the
same size as your neck so it’s good to have the clasp hanging on a little bit
of a chain or actually the it’s good to have the jump ring that the clasp is
going to attach to on a little bit of a chain so it you can pick and choose how
long or how short you’re gonna make it so you can hook a few jump rings or a
big hook a big loop chain all the way down so that your clasp can decide
whether it wants to latch on to a smaller or larger depending on the size
of neck so this gives people an option if you’re selling them and they have a
bigger neck than other people they’d still be able to wear it plus
this material is pretty stretchy so keep that in mind as well
and then leech you got a pattern down at a size you can do that then the other
thing I did was get some chain now this chain is from Beebe crafts and what I
did was it was just a pile of chain they put in a bag and you can pick whatever
you want and keep in mind whether you want a finer chain I’m just gonna go
closest so you can see it’s a finer chain this is I’m wearing it I can’t put
it at the camp okay and then I have some teardrop beads and I made the chain and
I cut it and put it in a jump ring and made sure they were both the same size
now this the length can vary to what you want I didn’t really go by measuring it
don’t do that I just went by how long I want it and I
kept you know you’re looking at the mirror how did I want them to sit how
far apart from the center now the fits the center what I did was this is just a
regular pendant okay I painted the back black then I have one of those those ones with skull it’s like a little
charm thing with little skulls facing either way and then I got these like
little gem jewels what I did was I glued the little charm skull thing on top of
the pendant tray and then I glued the dual on top of that to give it a
three-dimensional looks Penta trace you can find on Amazon there Tibetan silver
pendant trace and they come in like pewter copper and I believe gold but
silver and I bought them in bulk a long while ago so that’s that I just attached
to a jump ring and then this these two of the same beads that are here and I
just used to jump ring and attach it and that’s a simple I think I did the whole
thing in less than 5 minutes it was like that so I did it really super fast it
was easy fast and most the other stuff I already had I had the chain so you can
use anything you don’t have to purchase a special chain if you want a black
chain you could do that now they also sell rolls of chain and they sell it
both online and you can get it at any craft store so I didn’t really have to
spend any money other than on the ribbon because I already had jump rings and I
already had all this stuff so but you might want to because I didn’t have
those crimping things for the end so if you want to do it a little more neater
you can do that okay so that’s how I made that and I did
it in and I looked at the time I did that in a little bit less than five
minutes so not bad that’s how you make that one now my
second choker that I made was another ribbon choker
now this ribbon it’s if you can see it it’s like a reddish like a darker red it
kind of matches this I could probably put this on to show you what it looks
like so hold on and I’ll be right with you now my second choker I made is this
red ribbon one that’s a little redder and this is more of a burgundy purpley
kind of color so it doesn’t really go that well it kind of clashes but it’d be
better for if you’re wearing a black shirt or a more red that complements
that and it was really super easy to make all you had to do was get all you
have to do is you get ribbon yeah I got this ribbon at Michaels and the ribbon
for this the lace I took this listen now I can show you what I did to the back
the back I just rigged it up and I use one of these clasps you know the bar and
bring and that’s all I did but you want to do it more proper and you could even
so like fold your thing and sew it to make it neater but like I said I just
made it for myself and that’s this and see how it stretches
okay now for this I was going to try to show you but the charm that it’s on you
can see the charm that it’s on it’s on the it’s on the pendant tree and then
it’s on a charm and then one of those jewels we find in a box that comes in
different shapes and sizes it’s all buried in my craft supplies that it
would be too much to take out but if you can see this is this black charm okay
it’s not metal or anything and it usually has skulls on it and they have
them at Michaels and Hobby law they have like a skull almost looks like
a Tammy I’m just showing you the skull facing left and right and forward they
have a variety of them you’ve probably seen them to give you a better look and
that’s what I just to make it like a different layered type of gothic pendant
and then like I said I glued the jewel on it and I used a six thousand jewelry
glue don’t use a glue gun because glue guns tend to dry out and then would it
be glued to it falls okay so that’s how I did that and back to this choker now
on this choker it was simple I just got the ribbon for
the back I did the same thing but like I said if you want it more professional
and neater or if you’re going to make them have to give as gifts or sell
you’re going want to use those clamps on the back where the clasp is but again I
just did the put the jump ring on one side and the clasp on the other and I
use a regular clasp not at the lobster claw clasp not the bar and circle clasp
like I did on this one and oh and before I do that the best way to store these is
on a little convoy how to piece of cardboard out so it’s you know but not
too long that it stretches the choker out otherwise it mean you know if you’re
storing it it’ll just look odd and it might over stretch your Elise just
enough with this a little play but it’s a good way to store it and keep the
shape instead of its getting all tangled up in a ball all right so you might want
to do something like that just cut a piece of cardboard not the full Lane so
and that’s all I did I did the same thing to store this now the other thing
you want to do for this is get some chain again I use the same thin chain
that I used my other choker and I have some of these beads and these this one’s
different now you can use a different bead for the middle and
and other ones there but the same color you can interchange you could do red and
black and I didn’t want a big center pendant so what I did was I just used
the same chain cut it to different lengths and you want to cut them all at
the same time of course the middle one’s gonna be longer these two are gonna be a
little long a little shorter than the middle but you’re gonna want to make
them the same size and then these just a little bit shorter and then I just took
a jump ring and I attached the jump ring right through the bead and onto the
chain and the chain with the jump ring on to the ribbon and of course I laid
the ribbon out in front of me and I took the you know placed all the chains where
I’d want it to be and then I put the jump rings in first and attach the
chains before I added these this way I wanted to make sure that everything was
centered properly and hanging the way I wanted it to so you might want to do
that just so you know it’s perfectly all aligned correct otherwise you’re going
to have them all off and you just make a little hole what I used was with one of
my little jewelry making tools just a little tiny hole or big pin if you have
it just to put the jump ring through you don’t want to destroy it and get
scissors and because then you stretch it out that’s all you have to do it was
easy and it took about the same time less than five minutes to make this and
I already had to change in the beads all I had to do is get the ribbon so this
ribbon I got a Hobby Lobby lace ribbon and this ribbon I got at Michaels and
it’s a material ribbon it’s not like the shiny stuff you use not present and fine
chain this chain I got from BB crafts these beads were from Hobby Lobby on a
string and these black beads better dangling here came in a kit with other
beads but you can use any kind of beads you want and that’s just the look so
those are those two choker ideas so I hope you’ll stick around and
to my next video where I’m going to show you two necklace things that I made one
was a choker so I’m gonna show you choker I need and a necklace I need so
stick around be sure you watch my next video showing
you these and telling you how you can make it also so I hope you like these
two jewelry ideas it’s a kind of tell tutorial I don’t have all the tools out
I mean it’s pretty explanatory even if you’re a beginner at making jewelry I
mean it’s not so hard you know that you have to cut your ribbon and use some
jump rings chain and beads it’s very easy to do and just you know when you’re
making it you can keep my video up and roll and take a look at it
I usually what I do to get inspired for ideas is I look like go to Pinterest or
Google and look at pictures of different DIY jewelry now you don’t want to copy
it you want to make it your own all you’re doing is looking for inspiration
and ideas so unless you really love something but even use different beads a
different style but I wanted the Gothic choker and there was so many of them and
I just made this out of my own idea I already made this a while back but I
never wore it and then I just had these things so you if you make jewelry you
probably have all this at home you might even have ribbon so it’s really easy to
do like I said just lay the ribbon down when you’re trying it on make sure it
reaches your back and do the same thing with the crimping and I’ll put a picture
again in here if I find it for the back to make it look more neater and
professional but if you’re really making for yourself and you don’t care and if
you have long hair like me and I seldom wear my hair up so no one’s gonna see
the back but if you want it to be neater because like on here that’s all I did
and you can do own stretch out but it’s always better to get those clamps and
the crimping clamps the side unattached and always have a chain the
different lengths if you’re going to make it as to give us gifts to sell on
whatever chokers because like I said people might have different size next
now if you’re just making for yourself that’s fine you’re gonna size it you’ll
know exactly where it’s gonna clasp in and that’s not gonna be the issue but
you don’t want to make a bunch of these chokers to sell or give those gifts and
then somebody you know you’ll keep returning it because it doesn’t fit
their neck everybody is a different size ok so I hope you enjoyed that
show-and-tell tutorial and if you have any questions please leave them in the
comment section below well remember to like this video and
share this video if you want and please be sure if you haven’t subscribed to my
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