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DIY The Fault in Our Stars Tissue Pack, Phone Case, and Earrings!

DIY The Fault in Our Stars Tissue Pack, Phone Case, and Earrings!

Get your tissues ready guys cuz The Fault in Our Stars comes out in two days! Hey guys you get me again this week! Obviously as I stated before The Fault in Our Stars is coming out this weekend and I don’t know if I’m ready! I just
recently finished re-reading the book via audiobook and it was a totally
different experience hearing the words and hearing the
language that John Green so eloquently writes in his books I just fell in love with it even more than I already had and I’m
excited to see the movie I think it’s been a really good and I
think I’m gonna cry my eyeballs out! I also could not resist the urge to makes some crafts to commemorate the event and I
didn’t buy any merchandise uhh…I kinda wanted to, I thought about it
but..i dunno there’s something about creating something yourself shows even more love for them for the work
so…I’m gonna show you what I made! I made three different things that I’m gonna show you today! First thing was this is really cute iPhone case found this blue case for a dollar at
Deals which is a local dollar store that
I have here the minute I saw this blue case, I was like OMG! uhh…. TFIOS! So… I made this…I also made this really cute tissue holder cuz uhhh I’m gonna need them! I really I was gonna
originally make it to hold one of those portable packs which this would still do but
then I realize I didn’t have any of those and so I just put some regular tissues in it, I just folded them up! So I’ll show you how to do that as well! I also made these earrings! So…3 really easy crafts I made them all in one sitting in one night! didn’t take very long at all so im gonna show
you how to do it! on to the tutorial With the iphone case, I used Sharpie paint markers that you can find at any local craft
store and I just used those to draw on the clouds in both the white and the
black and.. PRO TIP…do not use too much of the paint, if it’s too thick it takes FOREVER to dry and it’s really easy to
mess up like almost like you would mess up fingernail polish and it’s really hard
to correct and so if you want to get a nice smooth
thing just go really slow anyone do one good layer and then leave it alone and make sure you let it sit for a while to dry and even putting a blow dryer on it did not really speed up the process very well so and really make sure you don’t
mess with the two clouds while they’re drying cuz they are really big one they are dry, I took a white paint pen and I just went around and I a few of my favorite quotes in the
blank space left around the clouds and along the sides and let that all dry and then I just wrote in the OK and the OK
once the clouds are completely dry which mine were like not 100 percent dry
so I actually smeared just a little bit I had to to fix that… i dunno if you can see it in the video but anyway and just make sure it’s completely dry before you write on there.. and I actually switched to a regular sharpy because my black paint marker ran out and that worked okay That’s pretty much how I did the
iPhone case I just decorated it up And wrote some quotes on it and I’m really happy with how it
turned out! For the tissue pack you’re gonna need three pieces of felt
one in light blue, one in white, and one in black and you just need some tissues and
whether you have the pre-filled portable tissue packs or regular tissues in a big box is fine either way I didn’t have the portable ones… so I
just took individual tissues and folded them up have and just stacked them up until I had the amount that I wanted and then all I did was place them on my felt to kinda get an idea how much felt I was gonna need in order to wrap
them with the tissue and you just want a little bit of
overlap maybe half an inch to an inch or so
overlap and then just cut it down to size and
mine ended up being about 8 inches by six and a half inches and then I just use hot glue to glue the
edges together once you got the edges together I just cut off the excess the
that their would be nice and…so they wouldn’t have a whole lot of excess and I just took my white piece and drew freehand cloud shape with a sharpie and then just
cut that out cutting inside the lines and the lines would show once it was cut out and then I just repeated that same
process with the black felt and hot glued those babies on as an optional part at the end you don’t have to do this but for a little extra decoration, I went ahead and did some manual stitches with embroidery thread around the ends just
to give it a more finished look I just really like the look of having the
stitches on there but that is absolutely optional and I really like
how that turned out for the earings I actually made these
out of foam and I just found this foam sheets that you can find at any craft store I got some in the white and the black and again I just drew those same cloud
shapes onto the felt, just free handed them I actually free handed both I didn’t match them up
so my earrings don’t match exactly but I don’t really care about that but you
can certainly make one and use the other as a template so they would match and
then I just arranged the 2 clouds together and hot glued
them together and then I wedged a earring finding down in between the
two pieces of [felt] and if I did this again I’d probably go ahead
and insert that and then glue it all together but I just wedged that in there and added a little glue
to hold it in place and that worked just fine! and then I just opened up the end an earring wire hook and that gives you your earring! Super easy they’re really light
and I just really like them okay I hope you enjoy these tutorials I
hope they inspired you to make something of your own there’s so many options you could make
a t-shirt if your own make different kinds of earrings with different
shapes from foam its really easy it’s all about just shown the love you
have for a work and I think that’s what’s so fun about all this I’ll see you guys hopefully this weekend I’ll
have another video for you and if I can get it done and edit it
together but I just wanted to get something and I’m sure I’ll have some
kind of response somewhere in my social media maybe here..
maybe on my blog as to my reaction to the movie after
seeing it I’m sure I’ll be a mess! but oh and I actually just wrote a blog posts I’m kinda about how I
feel about the book so if you want to read that you can go to my blog
the link is in the doobly-do! I will see you this weekend and make
sure you bring your tissues to the movie I’ll see you next time. Bye!

56 thoughts on “DIY The Fault in Our Stars Tissue Pack, Phone Case, and Earrings!”

  1. I know that there wasn't enough room. But it bothers me how you wrote "Ok" instead of "Okay". just saying.

  2. These crafts are really awesome I really like you ( lol not to sound like a creep ) but yea these are really creative amazing job on them by the way

  3. So doing the phone case thanks so much for your help on this thanks again x 🙂 i would love if you subscribed to my channel x :-)) 

  4. Definitely doing the tissue box, and I will have a go at making the earrings and phone case 😛
    Enjoyed watching ur vid! 💙💭

  5. I don't have a iPhone but I'm going to buy a blue iPod touch case that's plain and turn it into a fault in our stars iPod case

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  7. When i saw the movie, i saw it with my 2 friends and 3 teachers, One of the teaches Mrs. Helsley , brought these portable tissues thing and gave us all one. My friend Sam used all of her pack and half of mine… XD

  8. Lol, I made the tissue holder when I went to see the movie. Me and my friends used the entire thing! Haha these ideas were so cool

  9. Why did you put "OK" and not"okay" you could have wrote it smaller.sorry I'm not being mean but it bothers some people.:-)

  10. The book was over rated
    Basically thes two ppl with cancer meet up then Hazel wants to see a writer then the writer was drunk then Hazels boyfriend dies in a hospital. It's not the best book I've read.

  11. You spelt the ok wrong, its Okay? Okay. not ok? ok. Seriously, I'm not a hater i love your videos its just that bother me

  12. The only thing that bothered me was the "Okay? Okay." thing. BUT GREAT VID. Gonna make these definitely

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