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DIY Pearl Beads Choker with Crochet Flower Pendant | Handmade Jewellery

DIY Pearl Beads Choker with Crochet Flower Pendant | Handmade Jewellery

Hello Friends, Welcome to My Channel Rubeads Jewelry Today I am going to show you ” How to make three lines Choker with a Brooch at one side?” This Brooch is a Flower Made with Wool/Yarn Some Pearl Beads of size 6mm and 3mm Coeentor with 3 loops for making 3 Lines Choker Open End jump rings S hook / Clasp Extension Chain 4 Inches appx. Tiger Tail/Beading Wire Crimp Beads to finish off the Necklace Head Pins Round Nose Plier and Cutter Ruler Sclae These are the Materials Which we need to make this Choker Necklace with a crochet yarn flower as Brooch in one side. Let’s get Started First we Have to measure the length of the Choker. Generally Choker Length is 16 Inches. I am taking here 16 Inches,But after crimpimg it will become 13/14 inches 1″ or 2 ” will be used for crimping. I am taking 16 ” for 3rd line,15 ” for 2nd line and 14 ” for 1 st line. Now we have to string beads. I am going to take 16 ” tiger tails to string beads. Attach Tiger Tail to the connector at the end loop by crimping. I am going to string 6mm beads on to the tiger tails. After stringing some beads I am going to attach the crochet flower. I am sliding the tiger tail through the flower to attach . Make sure to attach at one side,as it is the bottom row. Then String some more beads. As Flower has to attched as brooch in one side,so string more beads in side than the other, Finish Off the necklace by attaching it to another connector. Make sure to attach with the corresponding loop, to make the row/line in order. Keep one connector at LHS and another RHS ,to attach to the correct loop. This type type of choker can be easily designed in beading boards. All the rows can be properly beaded parallel to each other. Take the 15 ” Tiger tail and string beads onto that. Keep Necklace in semi round shape on the table to make it more accurately. Slide the tiger tail through the flower. Slide through the middle part of Flower,as it is the middle row. Finish Off the second row/line. Same way you can make the top line or first row. We have to connect the Extension chain to the connector. 4 ” chain is cut into half and joined to one end of the necklace using jump ring Same way attach other half to the other end . Attach Clasp / S hook at one side chain. You can design your own choker with any color flower matching to your outfits. I am going hang some beads from the flower. I am using head pins to make hanings. Make loops in the head pins by twisting. Twist with the pliers only. Make sure to twist the sharp end of the head pins properly. Put the three head pins into the jump ring and attch to the flower. You can hang charms or more beads. Our Choker is reday to use. Thank you Friends for watching my Video.

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