DIY Oreo Cookie Earrings, No Mold Tutorial !

Hey Youtube ! Today we are making super realistic Oreo cookie earrings you will need earring components a box of mini Oreo cookies and some air dry clay to replace the fillings I use lacquer to coat the cookies several times the lacquer has a brownish hue but it doesn’t matter since the cookies are in a darker shade when you are waiting for the lacquer to dry flatten out a ball of air dry clay and stick the eye screw onto the top in this position the clay have to completely dry if it’s not moisture will seep into the cookie and turn it into this mushy thing because my clip on earring have a flat surface I glued on fake diamonds which I harvest from my costume jewelry thingie and after that, all you have to do is twist open the jump ring put in the cookie combo and the clip on earring and then twist it back and that’s how I make the earrings !

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