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DIY Leather Tassel Earrings – Easy Jewelry Making Tutorial

DIY Leather Tassel Earrings – Easy Jewelry Making Tutorial

Hey everybody! This is Jessica from
and BespangledBeads on Etsy. In this video we’re going to learn how to
make these cute leather tassel earrings. I’m using some scraps of leather that were
left over from another project. Please see the description or the notes below this video
for all of the information about the supplies that you’ll need. Now I’m starting with a four-and-a-half inch
piece of leather and I’m going to slide that through a closed jump ring and adjust it so
that the ends are even and the jump ring is in the center of the leather. And then do that again with a second piece
of leather the same length, making sure that it lies flat against the first piece. Using a toothpick, I’m just going to apply
a tiny bit of fabric glue. You can also use leather glue. And I don’t want you to worry
too much about the brand – anything that says it will bond leather or fabric should work
just fine. And I’m going to do the same on the outside
of the first piece, and I’m just doing this so that the leather will stay in place when
I wrap around the last piece of leather. So now I’m just putting some glue on the end
of the third piece of leftover leather. Anything that’s longer than about an inch should work
fine for this last piece. I’m going to line this up so it sits about
halfway across one of the sides of the tassel and then I’m going to wrap it around and I’m
going to glue all the sides as I go along. Now when I get back to the side where I started,
I want to overlap just a little bit the leather and then trim as close as I can using either
flush cutters or some really sharp fabric scissors, then stick that last end down. Now we’re ready to attach the ear wire. Just
grab one of your ear wires and a pair of chain nose pliers or bent chain nose pliers like
the ones I’m using, and twist to open up the ring at the bottom of the ear wire. Slip on the jump ring at the top of the tassel,
and then twist back to close the ear wire. So that’s one way to finish off the earrings
– you’ll notice that they’re hanging kind of sideways sort of. If you want to change the direction that they
hang, you can either twist the loop at the bottom of the ear wire, or you can simply
add another jump ring. And then when you add the ear wire to that, it will change the way
that the tassel is facing. And at this point, if you want to trim up
the tassel a bit, so that the ends aren’t all even, you can certainly do that with your
scissors or flush cutters. And it will give it a different look. Thank you so much for joining me today! If
you like this project, you might want to check out some of these other related videos. You
can click on any of the thumbnails and be taken to that video. And I hope you’ll visit me at
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