DIY Jingle Bell Christmas Earrings | Countdown Day 16

hey crafters welcome to countdown day 16
so today I’ve got a craft that’s also inspired by things I’ve seen in the
store and it’s another earring tutorial today and it’s going to be using jingle
bells because let’s be real gingka bulls are so much fun like my friend has a
pair of socks gingka balls on them and we’ll go places
and she’ll wear them it’s like every shop is like and it’s so great so I love
jingle bells and I love that at this time view you can get away with wearing
jingle bells and everyone’s like oh it’s fine you know it’s not tacky for you
know the month of December so I mean it’s really cool so I thought it’d be
fun to make a pair of jingle bell earrings so you can make peas with any
color jingle bells that you want to get and it’s super easy you don’t need money
materials you just need an earring hook you’ll need some jingle bells of course
and you’ll want some Oh brings and I’ll show you the what I’m using up closer
once we’re assembling it and the last of all you’re going to want a pair of
needle nose pliers to open and close the o-rings you just need a little bit of
time and it’s not hard at all to whip this project up so as I said this is all
you need the earring hook six o rings six jingle bells and a pair of needle
nose pliers and obviously gonna be duplicates of these for the other
earring and if you’re not familiar with these little o-ring ‘s they normally
start off looking like this where they’re still closed and you can bend
them open like this one is you want to start by bending open our ovaries and so
to do that it’s very simple you can also do this with two pairs of pliers or you
can do it with just one so in my right hand I’m holding the o-ring with my
nimma nose pliers and there’s a little spot right here in the middle where the
wire is it actually attached and so we’re gonna bend the two ends apart so
to do that very simply I’m going to hold them with vanina nose pliers and now
with my thumb I’m just gonna push forward with my thumb and pull back with
the pliers and just like that it will bend the wire and that’s really all the
o-ring is it’s just a little wire I bet this one way open so you can see but of
course you don’t have to go that far open with these use when I’m open enough
so you can slide it on too a jingle bell just go through there and
set it off to the side and that’s what I’m gonna want to do with all my
earrings so I’ve already opened most of these but again if you’re not sure how
to open them now they normally come closed I’ll show you from a different
angle pull it to the one side of the split with the pliers and on the other
side push with your thumb so push down with your thumb and back with the pliers
you just kind of give it a little twist and I’m twist it open just like that I
know it’s hard to see on camera cuz my big fingers get in the way but very
simple just go like this and a little twisting motion will open up the o-ring
so that way you can slide it on to your jingle bells and I’m also doing this
with three different colors of jingle bells you can do it with more with less
you can also repeat this process with even more jingle bells you don’t have to
stop at just six I just like the look and the length of doing this with the
six but of course if you want even bigger more fabulous earrings you can
add more jingle bells now I’ve already made the first set of
earrings for this pair so I’m gonna follow the same pattern that I did on
that one just that with a match and I started with a red jingle bell so I’m
gonna grab the little o ring that’s on this red jingle bell with the pliers and
I’m going to put the O ring through the earring hook
so with that way it’s on there and now we want to close the o-ring because it’s
still open you can see that so what I’m going to do is I’m just gonna come from
either side and squeeze it shut that way and so that pushes that gap closed you
can also come from either side of the ring like this and squeeze together
gently that might make your brings too tight so just keep aware of that but I
just make sure that your ring gets closed up very nicely so that way the
two ends come together and your jingle bells won’t fall off so that the first
one connected so now the next color I did was a green one
again grab the little o-ring with the pliers and this one I’m going to attach
to the side of the loop from the red ones I’m just going to come through here
so now it’s hooked on to the red the root loop from the red one and I’m going
to squeeze it shut now this is where another pair of pliers might come in
handy if I’m just gonna grab it right there
and pinch them shut and if I need to I can also grow from the sides and squeeze
it together that way but really the trick is just to make sure that there’s
not a gap in the ends of your overing so that way your jingle bells don’t fall
off so you can see they’re hanging like this where we have the first loop that’s
attached to the earring hook and was the Regin go bail on it and the second ring
is attached to the ring from the rode one and that one has a green one
attached to it so as you guessed it we’re going to do a yellow one next and
here’s where you want to start just being aware of something so that way
they hang consistently I have some random items here with me for the sake
of demonstration so roll pretend this is an o-ring and we’ll pretend that this
pipe cleaner is also an overhang so when you put the o-rings together you know
they look like this so they kind of have this like almost right angle kind of
look to them so if you think about this this one is like the one attached to our
earring and this one’s like the one attached to the green one so the red
sugar ball sets on this side of the o-ring the green jingle bell sits on
this side of the ring and now the next one’s gonna go right through here
we want the jingle bell to be situated on this side of the ring so if you think
about it our jingle bells will be on this side then this side then this sides
on this side and it’ll kind of almost be this
corkscrew and hopefully that made sense it was actually a beneficial
demonstration it’s hard to show with these little guys and if you don’t quite
get and you don’t quite do it like that your eggs will still turn out okay I
just found out that they hung a little bit better if I did them the way I
described so here’s what I mean by that so when I look at the ring attached to
the red jingle here you can see that the jingle bell that’s red is on the bottom
and then the green jingle bell and it’s ring are a hook onto the right side so
now if I look at the green and it’s a ring I again want to attach
the yellow one on this side on the right side something that gives you some idea
what I’m meaning exactly I’m attached it on the right side so I’m gonna find the
right side of the green jinglebell and I’m going to loop it through there as
attach and I’m going to squeeze my little o-ring shut again so that when my
jingle bells take on another tip with the o-ring if you’re having a hard time
grabbing it you can let it hang down and let gravity help you and then just come
from either side to get your pliers lined up and then squeeze and so that
got it to close most of the way I’m gonna do a little bit more but that’s
another tip if you’re having a hard time closing your o-rings or of course you
can always grab another pair of pliers that speeds things up too
so our first they are attached back to a red one and I’m just gonna attach this
red one to the right side of the loop with the last yellow one and I’m just
gonna keep repeating this process the whole way down where I just keep doing
my cut next color in the right side of the previous ring and I’ll do that in to
know all of my gin footballs are attached and I’ll do the same for the
second one and here you go here is this super cute pair of jingle bell earrings
and when they’re laying down they tend to kind of look a little symmetrical but
when they’re actually hanging from ear they’re really cute and jiggle around
and the jingle bells can move around all sides of the earrings and fall on some
really cute wings so there you go super cute fun pair of earrings to make
I like this because this is great for you know a last-minute touch to any
Christmas party outfit and it’s also a really great last-minute Christmas gift
for someone if you’re not sure what to get someone Plus who doesn’t love jingle
bells I mean there’s so much fun right so I’m kind of looking for every excuse
I can to wear them and I think these earrings are a great solution for that
actually I like the length of these because I feel like they’ll work pretty
well with my haircut where they’re like slightly just longer than my hair but
they also kind of blend in so they just have that kind of like I don’t know that
good like balance kind of you’ve aiive or something but anyways
that’s all I got for you guys today I hope you have fun making these and as
always if you have any questions about anything that I was explaining in the
tutorial make sure you leave those below and also if you found this tutorial
helpful leave a comment below and let me know that too cuz I love getting
feedback from you guys so I know what I can do to make my videos better and to
know what you want to see on this channel I actually just hit 300
subscribers shortly before I started filming this video so I want to just say
thank you so much everybody who’s has subscribed I appreciate it so much
you are what makes crafters autonomous a possibility you guys just by watching my
videos you enable me to keep going with this channel so thank you so much
everybody who has subscribed of course if you haven’t already I would love to
see you become one of my subscribers too but I just want to say thank you so much
for helping me reach 300 subscribers and I can’t wait to see how many more people
keep joining the crafters autonomous community happy crafting this is
something brand new but I thought I’d share it here at the end of this video
but I just wanted to say this is the sweater I wore in my video I’m making an
ugly Christmas tree sweater and I just wanted to say that it worked really well
being temporary and everything came out my sweater is still just as green as
always no snags or tears or anything so I’m really excited by that but if you
don’t know what I’m talking about by that you should go watch that video but
I feel like it YouTube still thing and like another like 50 years or something
that asked me to be the kind of video my grandkids will like watch and be like
what was wrong with you

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