DIY Hoop Earrings / Wine Charm Rings Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Hello hello! Jessica here from Today I’m going to show you how to make your
own hoop earrings. You can also use these as wine charm rings and the reason I mention
that is because my last video was a Christmas wine charm tutorial and I promised I’d show
you how to make the hoop findings that we use in another video. So, here we are 🙂 I do need to talk to you really quick about
wire before we get started. It’s very important to use the right kind of wire or your hoops
won’t hold their shape. So you DON’T want to use artistic wire or
craft wire because those are going to be way too soft. The type of wire that you do want to use is jewelry wire that is half hard, or medium temper. And the gauge that you want to use is no smaller than 22 gauge (.6 mm) and no larger than 20 gauge (.8 mm). I’ll put more information about the wire,
tools, and supplies needed for this project below the video. Let’s go ahead and get started making some
hoop earrings! I’m doing this demo using a 22 gauge wire. The first thing I’m going to do is use my
nylon jaw chain nose pliers to straighten out the wire off of the coil. The next thing you’re going to need is some
sort of mandrel, which is a cylindrical object, this one is just a plastic tube of beads that’s
about 15mm in diameter (5/8″). There are plenty of other “official” mandrels
that you can buy for jewelry making in all different shapes and sizes, but basically
just find something that’s a cylinder that’s approximately 15 mm in diameter and use it
to wrap your wire around, just like this. Go ahead and wrap it around and hold it nice
and tight so you get a nice round shape and leave yourself a tail that’s straight that’s
about 3/4 inch to 1 inch long, and then where your wire crosses over, you
can bend that back with your thumb a little bit and then release. And you see how the wire springs back a little
bit? That’s why we want to use half hard wire. The soft wire doesn’t do that, and the springiness
is important for a hoop earring. Grab your flush cutters and using the back
of the flush cutters cut that straight piece of wire so you’ve got about a 5 mm stem. Now you’ve got a shape that looks kind of
like a speech bubble. Now we need to do a test. See if you can pull
apart the hoop out of shape easily. If so, that means we need to do a little bit of work
hardening to make the wire even stiffer. Go ahead and reshape the hoop on your mandrel
and then make sure your ends are not overlapping for this next step. I’m going to grab my steel bench block, and
first I’m just going to put down a folded up polishing cloth to absorb some of the hammering. Pick the side that’s the least dinged up so
that doesn’t transfer over to the metal. You want to use a rawhide mallet or a rubber
mallet so you don’t actually flatten the wire. And then you’re going to start hammering against
the bench block. I’m going to have more information in the
blog post that goes along with this video so if you have any questions about any of
the tools or supplies or anything be sure to check that out – I’ll be able to add a lot more information. So how do you know when to stop hammering? That’s going to be different for different
types of materials, but basically what you’re looking for is the springiness and that the
wire is not going to bend out of shape easily. You should feel a big difference compared
to when we started. Now grab your round nose pliers, and the straight
part of the wire tail, not the part that we bent up – Roll the wire into a hook shape, and then
we’re just going to bend this around the mandrel so it follows the circle around. We want to keep that nice round shape. When you’re happy with the shape, go ahead
and check the latch and make sure it latches easily. If your hook is bent around too much like
a loop, it won’t latch easily so make sure it’s more like a hook than a loop. Grab your chain nose pliers and then emphasize
that bend and make it a nice sharp right angle bend. And that’s going to make sure your hoop earring
will stay closed. I’m just going to trim this tail off a little
bit – that’s a little bit long for my taste, so I’m going to trim a couple of millimeters
off using the back of my flush cutters so I get a nice flat end on that wire. If you’re making a wine charm then you are
finished with your finding here. You can go ahead and add what ever charms you like. This is the Christmas tree that I made in
the previous video. If you’re making an earring, you’re going
to need to do one more step that’s pretty important. That piece of wire that we cut is actually
going to be pretty sharp if you try to put that in your ear. So we want to file the end smooth. You can
use either a regular nail file or you can use a metal file. Hold the file at a 45˚ angle and gently file
the end while you hold that angle and move the wire around so you can get all sides. If you can’t see that the end is nice and
rounded, you can feel it. You’re basically just wanting to take that sharp edge off. So there we have it, folks! That’s how to
make your own hoop earrings or wine charm rings. I hope you enjoyed this project, and I would
love for you to come visit me over at You’ll find lots of fun stuff! I’ll see you next time 🙂

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