DIY Halloween Necklaces – Halloween Craft Series #3

– Hey guys. So, in last week’s
Halloween crafting video Tyler Oakley and I showed
you how to make fun costume glasses like these. But sometimes you don’t always
wanna be wearing something quite so extravagant. And so today I’m going
to show you how to make three different DIY Halloween necklaces that might be a little bit more subtle. So, first up is this fun charm necklace, which is actually based on the John Green novella, “Zombiecorns”, which is not actually about unicorns. It is about zombies who
are obsessed with corn. So, how did I make it? Well first I started off with one of these little tiny bottles that I got at a recycled
craft supply store. I filled up the bottom
a little bit with dirt and then I just dropped in a few of these tiny little corn stalks. They’re supposed to be
meant for model train sets, or architecture models, but
I saw them in the art store and I was like, “Zombiecorns, “I have to do something with that.” After that I made a charm out
of these little plastic poeple who are also meant for
architecture models. And you can see that this
guy is pretty hunched over. He was originally an old guy with a cane, but I just snipped the cane off and now he looks like
some weird zombie guy that’s hunched over, coming for the corn. I just used my lovely awl to force a hole through his shoulder. And then I attached a little metal loop to make it a charm. And finally, I’ve had this
tiny little hourglass forever. I think it came in this little
wizard themed button set. So I just glued a bit of metal onto it, and then attached
another little wire hook, and then I just stringed
them all together, and it makes this really
cute charm necklace that it very subtly Halloween
and also Nerdfighter themed. Next up is my boo necklace. The letters are laser cut
out of particle board. They were left over
from this project I did junior year of college. I still have bags of
these letters leftover that I just keep using in various projects over the years. So the particle board was a bit too thick for the awl to poke a hole through. I would have had to drill into it, but I don’t have a drill, so I couldn’t do that. So instead I just used hot glue and I glued a button to
the back of each letter. And then I was able to
turn them into charms and place them evenly along the chain. The chain is also a bit of a DIY project. It started out as just
this regular silver chain. Not too pretty, a bit
dull, a bit industrial. So to make it feel a bit more friendly, I just threaded some cute polka dot ribbon through each of the links. And the nice thing about this necklace is that it doesn’t have
to be Halloween themed. Once the season is over, I can replace the B with another O, and then they just become
sort of decorative elements rather than typography. And finally, collar necklaces
are really in right now, so I just made mine out of museum board that I threaded some of
these metal hoops into. And then I created this
pattern with googly eyes. So from a distance it’s just this nice black and white pattern, but when you come up close you realize there are all
these eyes just staring at you. Originally I tried to
do it where all the eyes were kinda randomly placed, but when I actually put it on, it felt kinda messy. So I redid it by only
using one size googly eye, and putting them in a
nice uniform pattern. And I think it came out really cute. It’s sort of Halloween themed, but honestly you could
probably wear this anytime of the year. So those are my Halloween DIY necklaces. A bit more subtle than last week, but if you guys decide to
try to make any of them, I would love to see the results. Feel free, as always, to send me photos on Twitter or Tumblr, and I’ll retweet and
reblog all of my favorites. So, if you didn’t know,
every Tuesday this month I’m posting a new Halloween
themed crafting video. If you missed last week, it was with the wonderful Tyler Oakley, and we showed how you can
use movie theater 3D glasses to make all kinds of fun
costume glasses like these. So if you missed that video, you can check it out
by clicking right here. Also, I have all of my
crafting and DIY videos in a nice handy playlist. So if you’re new here
and you wanna go back through the archives, see
the other kinds of projects I can show you how to do, you can check that out right here. And as always, I’ll have a blog post with tons of photos of all the projects if you wanna see them in
more detail on my blog, which I’ll link right below. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you all next time. (bright techno music)

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